10 Commandments of Landscaping

When executed correctly, landscaping projects look fantastic and add value to your villa. With all of the design variables, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, especially when the new villa you are moving into is only a sanded property with just many manholes in Dubai.


Don’t get frustrated! All you need is a little support and guidance from a landscape design professional.






Whether you’re considering residential landscaping or commercial landscaping, there are a few tricks of the trade to guide you on the path to landscape design success.


The professional landscape designers at Milestone have put together ten tips to help you design and create a stunning, functional landscape design.


1. Plan the whole garden flow from entrance to the backyard


Always remember to include your front yard landscape with your backyard landscape design plan. Depending on what you add to your space, landscaping along the front of your house can increase your villa value between 4% and 10% .


Many people prefer to start with the front of their home, as tackling this smaller area provides the confidence to move on to the backyard.






2. Pay Attention to the Basics of Sun and Soil


Before planting, take time to have your soil assessed. This allows you to choose plants that can work well in your type of soil. It’s also essential that you take into account the amount of sun your plants are likely to receive.


If they don’t receive enough sunlight, your plants may not survive. On the other hand, if they receive too much sunlight they’ll dry out and die. You want to plant in areas with optimal sunlight which will help your plants thrive.


3. Plant Native & Local Plants


It’s always wise to plant plants that are local to your area. This helps to ensure they will thrive in your climate. Additionally, native plants will require less nurturing and will help to keep your watering costs down.





4. Purchase High Quality Plants and Outdoor Furnishing


The great outdoors is rough on natural and man-made materials alike. It’s important to invest in high-quality furniture pieces and materials to create your outdoor oasis.


If you opt for cheaply made materials, you’ll end up buying replacement items every season and spending far more money in the long run.


5. Don’t Forget the Hardscaping Materials


If you’re looking to maximize function in your backyard landscape design, consider investing in quality hardscaping.


Patios, walkways, living walls, outdoor firewalls, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens require little upkeep, and they create additional areas within your outdoor space.






6. Don’t Forget the Landscape Lighting


When it comes to landscape lighting, remember a little lighting goes a long way, but it’s vital for both safety and aesthetics. The trees, plants, and architecture in your backyard retreat create a stunning visual during the day.


However, once the sun sets, your lovely landscape design disappears into the darkness unless you use outdoor lighting.


With proper lighting, you can light up just about anything, to include paths, trees, buildings, sculptures, pergolas pools, ponds, and driveways. Learn more about Landscape Lighting Terms.


7. Add Plants of Varying Scale


The best way to achieve a visually pleasing balanced landscape design is to include plants of many different sizes, shapes and height. Layering trees, shrubs and small flowers to provides your landscape design a variety in height and depth.


Use your plants to enhance your hardscaped areas too, such as your gazebo or pergola.






8. Limit Straight Lines


When overused, straight lines can come across as uninviting, and they are more difficult to maintain. Incorporating curves will make your landscape design appear more welcoming and friendly.


However, be sure to include efficient walking paths. Otherwise, guests are likely to take cut across your grass and garden space.


9. Plan Your Seasonal Care and Maintenance


Once you have your landscape design in place, and you’re sitting back and relaxing in your new outdoor oasis, be sure to keep it maintained. The last thing you want is to be rushing at the end of the season to prepare for the next season.


Preparing at least one season in advance will help you minimize damage in the harsher months, allowing your plants to bounce back more quickly in the optimal seasons.






10. When in Doubt Hire a Professional


When in doubt, hire a landscape design professional. The design professionals at Milestone have the experience, creative eye and knowledge to turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of.


From gardens, pools and pergolas to outdoor kitchens and living spaces, we will maximize your space to fit your lifestyle and your budget.