Building Exciting Outdoor Kitchens

Are you really fond of cooking? Do you really love to cook outdoors, entertain friends, eat healthy grilled food, bake pizzas and enjoy the outdoor life?


Building a concrete permanent barbeque station allows one to set up tabletop Barbeque that is inbuilt.


Having a single outdoor burner, outdoor fridge, cocktail counter, sink, pizza oven for wood fired Pizza, stainless steel drawers and doors, all make having an outdoor kitchen so much fun! The cooking experience is enhanced and it makes it very convenient.



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Dining area with shade structure over it, complete with outdoor lights works so well besides the barbeque area.


Build your outdoor kitchen closer to your indoor kitchen to avail easy access to getting things from inside.


Use non- slippery outdoor tiles like slates, ceramic, porcelain, to avoid having a slippery floor. Make cleaning easier by having granite tops and glass mosaic for easy cleaning on the up-stand. Stone cladding adds a great charm to the barbeque.


Having storage below made with shelves, solid wooden Miranti door, drawers will allow for keeping all things you need for barbequing in the storage.


It is possible to put a barbeque trolley also within the built up space. Have enough work space as preparation area so you can cook, prepare, serve and enjoy. It would be great to separate the barbeque and bar area.


Also one can have combined dining or separate dining. Combined dining would need high stools and separate dining allows for comfortable seats.


The smallest size of Barbeque stations is 3 m x 90 cms height x 70 cms width. L shaped, U shaped, long linear lengths, L shaped and a separate linear counter, all are possible.


Having an open Barbeque and shaded dining area is preferable.


One could use gas operated Barbeques or charcoal barbeque. You do get Barbeque grill that works with gas but have a charcoal tray to get the flavor.


Convection baking, having rotisserie, Grill tray and many accessories make the outdoor cooking a lot of fun.Enjoy !