Ceiling Design | 12 Ways You Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Ceiling design: Rentals, existing ceilings, MDF sheets, Mashrabiya, rooms, wooden paneling, green, kitchen & bathrooms


Ceiling design is as important as flooring and walls. All 3 are important aspects of any interior design.


In what way can ceilings enhance your overall room?


Most ceilings in the UAE come with pre-constructed villas. They have a concrete ceiling with a center or 2 light power points. Or they come with a Gypsum ceiling with a bulkhead and concealed air-conditioning ducts.


These are used for AC grills, spot lights and cornices.


Whilst building a villa, many owners enhance their ceilings with double bulkheads. These can be used to conceal LED strip lights, or tube lights depending on the mood you wish to create.


You may also add attractive cornices, lighting and dimmable spot lights. The AC grills could be different from the standard sizes.


12 ideas to enhance your ceilings:


1. Ceiling design: Rented property


If you are renting a property, leave the existing ceiling as it probably is a concrete slab. You can add a suspended wooden ceiling to enhance the look.


Colored lighting or spotlights can be added as mood lighting. You may want to hang pendants in the dining space. Adding a little wood will enhance your ceiling very nicely.


2. Ceiling design: Existing ceiling


You may already have a ceiling but it may now look mundane to you. As earlier you can add a suspended wooden ceiling without touching the existing ceiling.


Combining the floor and the ceiling will add much life to the otherwise white or off white walls. Furniture placement will also look better.



Interiors-Gallery-17 copy



3. Ceiling design: Designed MDF sheets


Designed MDF sheets will add another medium to the design. Wooden framing, dropped ceilings and mood lighting add charm. Colorful collection of carpets laid on the floor help define the seating area.


Ceilings definitely define the area where to place furniture and so they must be installed very strategically with a proper ceiling and furniture plan. Colored lighting only adds to the mood and gives you options to enjoy a themed party.


4. Ceiling design: Mashrabiya


Adding acrylic and Mashrabiya to have concealed mood lighting is another way to enhance dining rooms for a classic look.


This is an innovative way to define the dining space and add top lights without any glare on the dining table. Your flat ceiling will have a 3D effect.


5. Ceiling design: Master bedrooms


Master bedroom ceilings could be enhanced too. It is nice to see something over the bed when you lie down. It needs to be soothing and not overpowering.


Use of a nice wallpaper could do the trick too. Framing and subtle lighting make a difference.



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6. Ceiling design: Wooden paneling


A high roof and wooden paneling on the ceiling adds a warm feeling just like a wooden floor. It feels natural.


The look of a log cabin, high gazebo kind of ceiling, wooden rafters on ceiling , wooden strips all add to the rustic and modern look.


7. Ceiling design: Minimalist 


Modern minimalist tray ceilings are just simple and minimal and work with simple lines, concealed lighting and give you a clean look.



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8. Ceiling design: Go green


Vertical gardens and plants in the ceilings are becoming a rage. It is nice to bring in natural elements in a austere style. Funky shaped furniture and concrete on walls to get a rough stone look with wooden flooring could be a great idea.


9. Ceiling design: Blocks


Gypsum blocks can be made in the ceiling and matched with modular block furniture. Its an intriguing way to bring in Cubism.


10. Ceiling design: Children’s room


Children love colors, shapes, depths and formations.  So use them.


You can add figures, flowers, natural elements and softness. Lighting plays a big role in children’s room ceilings.


11. Ceiling design: Kitchen


Kitchens normally have 60 x 60 cms ready made access panels as AC ducting passes through them and you need access. It is possible to combine wood, gypsum and other elements. Wood and white painted Gypsum makes a good combination.


12. Ceiling design: Bathrooms


Ceilings in bathrooms are the most neglected and you may not want to spend any money here.


However a little upgrade would make the bathroom very cozy. Wooden or Gypsum highlights, some paint and clever lighting, could add a lot of warmth.