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When it comes time to renovate your villa, there are many benefits. Expanding your home provides an opportunity to express your individuality and style through your home, while simultaneously providing the space you need to live your life to the fullest!


With a plan, a vision and an understanding of the benefits for upgrading your villa, you are guaranteed to accomplish your desired villa renovation. Not only will your home look and feel fantastic, but you’ll enjoy additional benefits too!


Increase square footage


Who says your home has to stay the same size? As life moves forward your family may grow and there may come a time when you simply need more space!


A properly planned villa extension can add valuable square footage for an extra bedroom, larger kitchen or additional bathroom. Even if you have an empty nest, you may need a little more space to entertain family and friends in style.


An extension allows you to build the exact space you need to take you living space to the next level.





Save time and money


Rather than incurring the costs associated with moving into a new home, such as placing a large deposit and paying movers to relocate, consider setting that money aside to expand your home with a villa extension.


A villa extension will save you time and money in the long run. When executed properly, your villa extension will meet your budgetary needs while turning your vision for your home a reality!


Not to mention, a villa extension allows you to save the time associated with trying to sell your villa, house hunting, and the actual move itself.





Create the exact space you want


Rather than starting over in a new home, you can personalize your existing home with a villa extension. Have you always wanted a large kitchen with a walk out porch? What about a master suite with a spa bathroom and a walk in closet?


A villa extension provides the opportunity to create the exact space you want! Even if you aren’t seeking a full scale remodel or extension, our design experts can work with your existing space to transform it into exactly what you want.


We are experts in reconstructing walls and spaces to create your dream home! If you can dream it, the designers at Milestone can build it.


Home extensions provide the perfect opportunity to create the amount of space you need, allowing you to use your space exactly they way you want to.





Increase your villa value


Essentially, when you increase the square footage of your home, the value of your home will increase too.


Not only will a villa extension save you money in the short term (compared to a costly move), but home extensions provide an instant opportunity to increase the value of your home.


For example, if you design and construct a room that truly enhances the home’s overall design, it’s guaranteed to raise the market value of your home.





Choose a qualified expert


Many villa owners are overwhelmed by the choices and decisions in the early planning stages of their villa extension or retail fit-out project. It’s vital to hire a professional, licensed, and properly insured contractor from the very beginning of your project.


The experts at Milestone can assist you in determining how to create a custom floor plan for your home or office. We’re also experts at navigating those frustrating Dubai municipality and developer approvals required for your project.





Our designers and contractors take pride in helping you transform your villa with an extension that’s sure to create the home of your dreams.


Whether you desire an extra bedroom or a new space to entertain family and friends, you will not regret building onto your home.


Contact us today to get the ball rolling! Need a little more information? Take a look at a few of our recent villa extension projects.




Are you thinking about renovating your villa? Consider starting from the ground up and replace that old, outdated flooring! With all of the flooring options there’s a great deal to consider and it can feel overwhelming.


Not to worry. The experts at Milestone are here to help! We’ve compiled this helpful guide to help you consider the costs, benefits, and the disadvantages of each type of flooring before you commit.




A bit more expensive than other flooring options, marble flooring injects an instant refined beauty to any space while creating a rich look that is sure to impress.


For those individuals looking to add artistic design to their home, marble tiles can be arranged and prepared in creative ways to add an additional element to your home.


Additionally, marble possesses a unique veining with a wide range color options that truly make a standout, luxurious statement in any room.



Advantages of Marble Flooring


• Luxurious visual statement: Marble flooring instantly creates a stunning, attention-grabbing statement in any entryway or room.


• Create an artistic statement: Marble flooring is ideal for designer flooring with inlays, and it can be arranged in a manner that creates a creative work of art in your flooring pattern.


• Durable and strong: Marble is not only long lasting and durable, but it’s also water resistant and bacteria resistant.


• at a budget friendly price point.


Porcelain Flooring


Versatile and elegant, porcelain flooring tiles are an innovative product gaining popularity amongst villa owners and interior designers alike.


Fired at higher temperatures than conventional ceramic tile and constructed from super-fine porcelain clay, porcelain tiles are durable and made for demanding purposes for both interior and exterior spaces.



Benefits of porcelain flooring


• Variety: Porcelain flooring offers a wide variety in color and tile type, to include glazed and unglazed, high-gloss and refined, or textured to lend the illusion of stone.


• Sturdy, resilient and versatile: Porcelain flooring is resilient and resistant to wear and tear, and it can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


• Low maintenance: Porcelain flooring is resistant to staining and does not require any sealing for water resistance.


• Durable: Porcelain flooring is fired at much higher temperatures than standard ceramic tiles which allow them to last a lifetime, even in the highest traffic areas of your home or office.


Modern manufacturing techniques allow ceramic producers to produce materials that can be printed in a variety of ways providing you home with numerous design options.


Hardwood flooring


There are few things in a home or office more inviting than beautiful, natural wood flooring. Whether you are creating a traditional or contemporary space, wood flooring is sure to take your space to the next level.



Benefits of wood flooring:


• Straightforward installation: Wood floors are milled to guarantee a durable and uniform fit in any room or space.


• High-quality appeal:: Wood flooring instantly provides a beautiful, high-end aesthetic with the warmth, charm, and beauty of rustic natural wood.


• Strength and durability: Wood flooring is strong, and made to withstand heavy foot traffic areas and active workspaces.

• Variety: Wood flooring comes in a wide variety, ranging in color, stain and specific wood types (i.e. oak, bamboo, etc.).


• Ageless quality: Wood ages gracefully and looks better with age. The more you use your hardwood floor, the better it will look!


Cork Flooring


Looking to keep it natural? Cork flooring provides an aesthetically appealing flooring option that looks as good as it feels! Available in tiles and planks in many styles, colors, and sizes, cork flooring is a unique flooring option that is sure to leave a lasting impression.



Benefits of cork flooring


• Durable: Cork flooring resists cracking and abrasions and is impermeable to gas and liquid. When properly maintained, cork flooring can last 40 years or more.


• Healthy: Cork is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and termites. Cork is also anti-microbial and does not shed microfibers or off-gas to negatively impact indoor air quality.


• Comfortable: A cork floor “gives” when compressed, providing a comfortable cushion that looks as good as it feels.


• Quiet: Cork is a natural thermal and acoustic insulator. Rooms with cork flooring are naturally quiet and warm.


• Aesthetically versatile: Cork flooring is available in tiles and planks in many styles, colors, and sizes. You can use cork planks to create an almost seamless-looking floor or create a nontraditional effect by alternating tile colors.


When it comes to your home or office, your flooring provides the first impression and foundation for your entire design. Why not start off on the right foot?


Contact the experts at Milestone to learn more about how we can help you renovate your space from the ground up with custom flooring solutions.




What better way to elevate your interior design than with an exceptional piece of custom designed furniture that speaks to the heart of your personal tastes? At Milestone, we believe in thoughtful design, extraordinary craftsmanship, and innovation.


Our custom made furniture is sketched by our talented designers and handcrafted by skilled artisans in our onsite joinery.


The result a one of a kind, quality crafted custom piece that will stand the test of time. So what are some of the benefits of owning custom made furniture?


1. A Time Honored Tradition


Not so long ago, furniture pieces were built by hand instead of mass produced on a manufacturing line. Craftsmen earned a living making tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers, vanities, bookshelves and headboards to order.


In the current climate of mass production, there’s an element of pride in custom built items that you simply can’t purchase on a shelf.


With the creation of every chair, table, bench, and stool, woodworkers strive to build custom furniture that will last for generations. When you purchase a custom made piece of furniture, you are supporting the time honored traditions of woodworking and joinery.





2. Tailored to You


When you work together with an artisan to create a one of a kind item, you can bypass the middlemen and their styles.


With a custom crafted piece of furniture, you can embrace your creative vision and share it with a skilled professional to bring your personal taste to life.


Whatever your tastes or requirements are, an artisan can work with you to create tailored, unique pieces. They will design and craft your piece to your exact specifications and dimensions.





3. Focus on quality


Making a one-off piece of furniture involves a level of care and focus unparalleled by mass-produced items. Our carpenters and artisans never produce flat-packed furniture to reduce costs reduce costs (and qualities).


Instead, skilled woodworkers treat each custom made piece like the work of art that it is. They take pride in their work, as it is a direct reflection of their craft.





4. Build an Emotional Connection


Commissioning a custom crafted piece of furniture introduces sentimentality and meaning into your interior design. Your one-off piece of furniture allows you to connect with an artisan and learn about their craft.


Working with an artisan grants you the opportunity to select and appreciate the materials and production methods used to bring your vision to life.


It’s an investment in a timeless piece and story that can be enjoyed and passed down for generations.





5. Custom Furniture Collections


Transform your design style with functional, beautiful furniture pieces to create an inviting living space. Dive into cozy custom upholstered sofas, chaise lounges, and side chairs.


Complete the look with a unique accent table, console and end tables. Impress dinner guests with formal dining room furniture or cook up a striking “stay-a-while” mood with a casual kitchen table and chair set.


From the classic style and modern furniture designs to luxurious and Italian furniture styles, our custom furniture collections update villas and office spaces with the latest design styles and trends.


Have something particular in mind? Our carpenters and artisans will custom build your piece of furniture to your exact specifications and personal style. Contact us today to learn more!





Whether you desire modern furniture, classic furniture, luxury furniture, Italian furniture or custom made furniture, the interior design professionals and joinery experts at Elite Fit Out are ready to turn your vision into a reality.


Contact us today to start furnishing your home or office in unique style. We look forward to working with you.




From outdated flooring and fixtures to funky colored tile, most homeowners know the first place a villa starts to show dating or wear and tear is in the bathroom.


So it’s no surprise that when it comes to home improvement projects, one of the first rooms people look to remodel is the bathroom.


We’ve put together a list of the top benefits associated with transforming that outdated bathroom into the luxurious home spa you’ve been dreaming of!


Add more space


Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough room in your bathroom to truly enjoy it? Remodeling your bathroom provides ample opportunity to make the most of your space.


Whether you are looking to expand square footage or add flexible storage options, the bathroom is a perfect place to start! A properly planned bathroom design will ensure you have plenty of space to relax and unwind after a long day.


You can start simple and maximize space with properly-designed layouts using fixtures that fit better within your space or add space to your bathroom with a major remodel.


Whether it’s swapping out your oversized vanity for a more streamlined one or adding creative storage solutions, a bathroom remodel will help you create a bathroom that will work best for your needs.



Correct and update features


Whether it’s a sink that perpetually leaks or you’re tired of those cracked tiles, a bathroom renovation grants homeowners the opportunity to fix any unsafe or outdated features in their bathrooms.


Even the smallest upgrade can make a difference. Consider replacing outdated handles, faucets, and lighting fixtures for an instant improvement.


If you plan on staying in your home, updating bathroom features can improve the look and feel of your entire villa. In fact, a bathroom makeover might be exactly what you need to reconceptualize your entire living space!





Energy efficient bathrooms


The world is going green, and it’s time to stop wasting your valuable energy fixing leaks and using a plunger!! Energy efficient homes save billions in costs associated with energy and water.


By improving your bathrooms efficiency, you’ll improve your efficiency. Replace leaky faucets and water-wasting toilets with new, sleek, efficient plumbing solutions.


Trade out traditional light bulbs for energy efficient LED bulbs. With just a few cost effective solutions the savings will start pouring in!





Create a more luxurious and modern bathroom


While updating fixtures is a great place to start, a fullscale bathroom remodel will transform your bathroom into a luxurious, relaxing, modern home spa!


Would you like to watch your favorite television program while relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub surrounded by bubbles and soothing jets?


Or perhaps you’d enjoy a warm toilet seat during a cool evening? When it comes to sinks, toilets, showers, spa tubs, bathroom cabinets, and custom lighting, the possibilities are only limited by your vision!


When remodeling your bathroom, you can inject some of the luxuries of our modern age, making this area of your home more attractive, functional and enjoyable.



Increase the value of your home


Remodeling your bathroom can instantly increase the value of your home. By replacing outdated features with stylish and energy efficient toilets, spa bathtubs, glass showers, and sinks, you can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.


If you plan to stay in your villa for awhile, you’ll recoup the costs as you experience the relaxation and luxury of your newly remodeled bathroom.


If you intend to sell your home, not only will you recover the costs by adding value to your home, but a recently remodeled bathroom is sure to entice your buyer!






When it comes to the bathroom, even the tiniest upgrade can create a major impact. Not only can your bathroom become a place of relaxation and retreat, but a properly planned bathroom renovation will ensure all your fixtures and plumbing are working properly and efficiently.


So if you’re looking to improve the function of your bathroom while simultaneously increasing your property value, start with the bathroom!


Contact the bathroom design experts at Milestone to get started today!