Four Benefits of Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

What better way to elevate your interior design than with an exceptional piece of custom designed furniture that speaks to the heart of your personal tastes? At Milestone, we believe in thoughtful design, extraordinary craftsmanship, and innovation.


Our custom made furniture is sketched by our talented designers and handcrafted by skilled artisans in our onsite joinery.


The result a one of a kind, quality crafted custom piece that will stand the test of time. So what are some of the benefits of owning custom made furniture?


1. A Time Honored Tradition


Not so long ago, furniture pieces were built by hand instead of mass produced on a manufacturing line. Craftsmen earned a living making tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers, vanities, bookshelves and headboards to order.


In the current climate of mass production, there’s an element of pride in custom built items that you simply can’t purchase on a shelf.


With the creation of every chair, table, bench, and stool, woodworkers strive to build custom furniture that will last for generations. When you purchase a custom made piece of furniture, you are supporting the time honored traditions of woodworking and joinery.





2. Tailored to You


When you work together with an artisan to create a one of a kind item, you can bypass the middlemen and their styles.


With a custom crafted piece of furniture, you can embrace your creative vision and share it with a skilled professional to bring your personal taste to life.


Whatever your tastes or requirements are, an artisan can work with you to create tailored, unique pieces. They will design and craft your piece to your exact specifications and dimensions.





3. Focus on quality


Making a one-off piece of furniture involves a level of care and focus unparalleled by mass-produced items. Our carpenters and artisans never produce flat-packed furniture to reduce costs reduce costs (and qualities).


Instead, skilled woodworkers treat each custom made piece like the work of art that it is. They take pride in their work, as it is a direct reflection of their craft.





4. Build an Emotional Connection


Commissioning a custom crafted piece of furniture introduces sentimentality and meaning into your interior design. Your one-off piece of furniture allows you to connect with an artisan and learn about their craft.


Working with an artisan grants you the opportunity to select and appreciate the materials and production methods used to bring your vision to life.


It’s an investment in a timeless piece and story that can be enjoyed and passed down for generations.





5. Custom Furniture Collections


Transform your design style with functional, beautiful furniture pieces to create an inviting living space. Dive into cozy custom upholstered sofas, chaise lounges, and side chairs.


Complete the look with a unique accent table, console and end tables. Impress dinner guests with formal dining room furniture or cook up a striking “stay-a-while” mood with a casual kitchen table and chair set.


From the classic style and modern furniture designs to luxurious and Italian furniture styles, our custom furniture collections update villas and office spaces with the latest design styles and trends.


Have something particular in mind? Our carpenters and artisans will custom build your piece of furniture to your exact specifications and personal style. Contact us today to learn more!





Whether you desire modern furniture, classic furniture, luxury furniture, Italian furniture or custom made furniture, the interior design professionals and joinery experts at Elite Fit Out are ready to turn your vision into a reality.


Contact us today to start furnishing your home or office in unique style. We look forward to working with you.