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We believe a great design is born from a deep listening to your brief.

Your needs, wants and desires, vision and a dream. We listen deeply to you, like perhaps nobody else does. After all, this is your space! We want to fully grasp your perspective, to allow us to focus on meeting all the objectives of your project.

Our Landscape Design Team

Our in-house team of professional landscape designers, draftsmen, project managers and skilled build crews take full responsibility of your property which begins with a solid landscaping design. We absolutely love creating your landscape and garden design!


The most effective landscape design will embrace your personality and lifestyle. Whether you seek a multi-level deck, playground, outdoor kitchen, water feature, or simply a small, designated outdoor space to call your own, our landscape designers will work with you to bring your vision to life. Together we will design and build your dream space, transforming your  home into your private paradise.


Your One Stop Shop for Extraordinary Landscape Design

We have an in-house team of professional landscape designers with years of combined experience. Our landscape design team creates innovative landscape designs incorporating the use of stone, brick, pavers, water features, pool, outdoor lighting, automated irrigation system and plants to best suit your space and lifestyle. Top quality materials are selected for your design with strategic locations, budget and long-term maintenance in mind.


Our designers specialize in both commercial and residential landscape design throughout Dubai. We have the experience and skills to design all property sizes from small-scale front or back yard projects to large scale residential and commercial installations.

Comprehensive Design and build

We provide comprehensive design and build services with a unique product mix that will allow you to relax and see the project going into completion effortlessly.


Every project is complex and requires multiple service providers to execute it with momentum. We orchestrate coordinated action through vast industry connections of talented and skillful resources and artisans.


We will design and draft detailed construction drawings and arrange approvals from relevant authorities to ensure smooth sailing from start to finish.

Interior Contracting Collaboration

From private villas to large-scale projects, we provide detailed drawings for execution and gaining approvals and build your design with finesse. You will feel proud that your design got flawlessly executed.

Ease of choosing materials

Our in-house showroom offers well coordinated material selections. We offer a complete range of in-house execution capabilities – carpentry, swimming pools, interior fit-out, contracting and landscaping.

Project Management

Our Project Management Office has a highly process driven and trained team with expertise to run your project on time and within budget, providing status reports with every milestone. Our project management philosophy is no stress, no mess.

In House Carpentry

Our Carpentry Factory builds all interior and exterior woodworks.

Why Hire a Landscape Designer ?

Landscape design goes beyond the scope of looking at the architecture of your space. It requires an eye for understanding the weather, levels, plot size, and natural colors in the environment to design a functional space that transforms your plot into an oasis.


Even if you’re extremely handy or have a natural green thumb, before you start tearing up your backyard, it is advisable to consult with a landscape designer to examine your property to create a master plan that will guide you  through the build process.


Designing and installing a landscape is complicated and back-breaking. It requires a level of expertise and artistic vision born from years of practice. That’s where the professionals at Milestone come in! Together we can design and create your outdoor oasis.

Hiring a landscape designer to design and create a landscape plan will help you save time and money in several ways :

Avoid expensive landscaping errors by ensuring the proper selection of plants (the right plant for the right space) and other design elements (coordinating patio and wall stones or pavers).

Detect possible issues and complications (drainage, sun/shade patterns) sooner rather than later.

Make the most of your space expanding on the current topography, building levels and elevations that enhance the natural aesthetics.

Our landscape designers have the experience to negotiate the engineering that comes with complicated patio, fountain, or retaining wall projects

Incorporate custom designed features that fit your budget and provide a plan that can be installed in phases.

A landscape plan will provide an integrated design that will increase the value of your home, and look beautiful for years to come. Harmony in the landscape is created through proper balance of open and planted spaces, structure and improvisation, and meditative calm with energized movement. To achieve the right balance for each client, we strive to know you personally and work with you to turn imaginative ideas into the outdoor living, working or recreational space that you have always envisioned.


What’s your style? Formal, classical, cottage style, or native natural? Regardless of what your style is, your landscape design team will work step-by-step with you to bring wonder and joy to your property by developing unique garden views and soothing outdoor living spaces.


By combining your landscape needs with plants that are site-specific and thrive naturally in our climate, our goal is to create inviting long-term plant communities that are ecologically sound. Such landscapes require less pesticide and chemical fertilizers, require less watering and attract more beneficial birds and insects instead of pests. This approach promotes the continued health of your landscape and our environment.


The skillful arrangement of landscape features such as stone, granite, marble or ceramic tiled  walkways, hardwood or composite wooden terraces, intelligent lighting, calming pools of water, and elegant water treatments provide a beautiful frame for the softer elements of your landscape. Material selection will compliment the architecture of your home or building, respond to its context, and can even assist in reducing rainwater runoff.


With over a decade of industry experience, across a wide breadth of interior and exterior design and custom building projects, we possess the skills, passion, resources, industry connections, and rock solid reputation to get the job done on time, on budget and beyond expectation!


It’s time to transform your outdoor perspective! Contact our landscape design team today. We look forward to working with you in the near future.