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A charming pond or a waterfall can be the crowning element for your yard. Not only will it serve as an attractive addition and enhance the architecture of your home, but it also affords an aesthetic value that will increase the value of your property.


The benefits of a custom built water feature.

For homeowners, business owners, and guests the benefits of a water feature are real and various. Whether it’s located in the front yard, the backyard, a public area or a private garden, the sound, appearance, and the water itself will improve your space, and can be a boost to your overall health.

1. The soothing sounds of water

For hundreds of years, Buddhist monks have included water features into their gardens for the meditative benefits associated with the soothing sounds of water. Water imagery is also a common part of the modern meditation and visualization exercises. The sound of running water is a universal psychological relaxant, helping people to unwind and relax.


A water fountain provides these stress-reducing benefits whether you are intently listening to it, or simply enjoying the babbles in the background. Your custom water feature design will reinforce stress reduction by also drowning out other sounds, such as traffic, construction, barking dogs, or other neighborhood noise.

2. Customers love it

From an organizational standpoint, water features will take your space to the next level. Foot traffic is a major source of clientele and revenue for any business with a storefront. An outdoor water feature design gives many different types of businesses an edge over their competition. Restaurants, bars, and cafes with sidewalk seating will attract new customers with a refreshing and relaxing display of clean water. The pleasant and sentimental atmosphere created by a fountain can also foster loyalty and repeat business among customers that prefer it. Weather in a restaurant, office , hotel entrance or home, they enhance the space making it very inviting.

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4. Great near Staircases and tall heights

Water walls, are great near tall staircases in a villa and make the wall so interesting! Utilize the height to create an interesting feature.

5. Your brain and body love it

Custom designed water features will add much-needed humidity to your otherwise dry environment. They also serve as a natural air purifier, attracting dust and allergens, removing them from the air. Flowing water also produces negative ions, which scientific research has shown to produce positive effects on your health and mood.


Negative ions are proven to increase serotonin production, alleviate depression, and boost energy. While air conditioners and electronic devices deplete the atmosphere of negative ions, water features such as water fountains, waterfalls, and other moving water features reintroduce them. Serene and healthy!

6. Feng Shui

Water plays a vital position in the ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangements called Feng Shui. According to the teachings of Feng Shui,  loosely translates to “Wind and Water,” water restores a sense of balance and generates useful energy. When an outdoor fountain exists in front of a house and flows only one way, the water flowing towards the house denotes prosperity and abundance. The five elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, water, earth, and metal. With a custom designed water feature, you are one step closer to the peaceful benefits of Feng Shui.

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With over a decade of industry experience, across a wide breadth of interior and exterior design and custom building projects, we possess the skills, passion, resources, industry connections, and rock solid reputation to get the job done on time, on budget, and beyond expectation! We can’t wait to get started designing your dream space, complete with your custom built water feature design.


No matter how big or small you want your pond, waterfall, fountain, or water feature to be, we are ready to help you design your water feature. We can even design an infinity pool or a fishing pond for you! Contact a designer today!