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For some time now, celebrity have been gravitating towards the luxurious villas nestled in the heart of Dubai. Among these investors are an elite group of Bollywood stars who have dazzled audiences with their stunning performances over the years.


Once the cameras are off, and the movie set has wrapped, these Bollywood stars head to their Dubai villas to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation in their personal sanctuary. So let’s take a look at who’s living among the Bollywood celebrity elite in Dubai.





Investing in Luxurious Villas in Dubai


For some of the most famous Bollywood stars, Dubai offers a corner of the world where they can escape their celebrity in the lap of luxury, spending time with their family and friends.


Sharukh Khan


Sharukh Khan’s K-93 villa, located at the Al Khasab Cove of the Palm Jumeirah. Painted in a pristine, modern white the two-floor villa is spread over an expansive 8,500 sq. ft., this extraordinary villa is more aptly called a personal palace.


Complete with a lush green garden, the exterior of their luxurious villa is open to visitors, the inside entry, featuring grand archways, is restricted.


When spending time at their Dubai villa, the Khan family enjoys all the amenities of Jumeirah, to include access to water sports, a private beach, deep sea fishing and shopping.



Abhishek and Aiswarya Bachchan


Bollywood power couple Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan own a glamorous villa in Sanctuary Falls, Jumeirah Golf Estates. With no expense spared, each villa in the community comes furnished with Scavolini designer Kitchen and Miele appliances, a family lounge equipped with a Bang & Olufsen Home entertainment system, and an advanced home automation system by Archimedia.


Priced between AED 15 to 35 million, each villa features a lush landscaped garden and resort style swimming pool. When they aren’t enjoying their dedicated concierge service, the Bachchan’s enjoy all the comforts and amenities of Sanctuary Falls.



Milestone Home & Interiors


You don’t have to be a Bollywood star to turn your home into a luxurious villa to escape the hustle and bustle of life.


At Milestone, designing houses and planning interiors is our speciality! We are experts at creating architecturally infused, stylish, and functional villa interior designs.





Whether you are planning a modern bathroom remodel, transforming your master bedroom or enhancing your dining area to entertain family and friends, our villa interior design team will bring a touch of modern beauty to your home décor.


Perhaps you’re looking to elevate your backyard. Our landscape design team can transform your backyard into a fun and exciting space to entertain family and friends.


From outdoor kitchens and dining areas to pools, custom water features and pergolas, we can design a build the backyard of your dreams.





if you’re considering upgrading your existing home or you are moving into a new property, book a complimentary design consultation with us.


we’ll help you gain clarity of what you truly want and help you understand the time and cost associated with your project:





You may be wondering what the difference between landscape design and garden design? We all want to have a beautiful and functional outdoor space that we can enjoy. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of life in our own personal outdoor oasis.


However, creating this space is a time-consuming and daunting task.  Thankfully, there are professional landscapers and gardeners who will complete the planning and work necessary to bring your vision to life.


These professionals can use landscaping and garden design to create your garden. The professional landscape designers at Milestone have outlined the differences for your future reference.





What is Gardening


Garden design in its most basic sense is the method of designing and planting a new garden. Similar to landscaping, gardening involves design, planning and maintenance, but gardening generally only involves the plant life in a space.


Gardening involves growing plants and flowers ranging from planting to a single plant to an entire variety of plants.


Gardening also involves growing and caring for plants in pots or in the ground. However, garden designers will not build your garden for you; you will need to go to a landscaping company bring your design to life.


Gardeners will often work with a landscape design team to incorporate the garden and plant life for the overall design plan.





What is Landscaping


Landscaping is the process of altering your landscape (front or backyard) transforming it into your personal sanctuary.


Landscaping involves incorporating design elements, such as installing retaining walls, pathways, building small structures such as pergolas, gazebos, patios, installing water features, pools and other features within an area.


The purpose of landscaping is to increase the attractiveness, functionality and value of your outdoor space. Landscaping may also include aspects of gardening, such as installing new garden beds, planting trees, plants and flowers.





Gardening vs. Landscaping




Definition: The practice of growing plants outdoors or indoors.

Practiced: Can be done by anyone.

Purpose: Hobby or interest.







Definition: The design and construction of gardens and outdoor spaces.

Practiced: Completed by professional landscape designers.

Purpose: Designed to achieve a desired aesthetic, and to create and build a space with a specific purpose.





Landscapers and Gardeners Working Together


Landscape design teams often work together with their in-house gardening team. Together they will sketch a design for a garden and determine a plant list.


However, the gardeners only plant, weed, cultivate, replace and harvest various plants. Whereas the landscape team conceive and develop all other aspects of your outdoor space.


Your landscape team design and build the blueprints for your outdoor space, to include:


• Hardscapes

• Softscapes

• Custom Lighting Features

• Outdoor Living Areas

• Outdoor Kitchens

• Pergolas

• Gazebos

• Livingwalls

• Pools

• Fire Pits and Fire Walls

• Custom Water Features

• Ponds

• Walkways


And More!





If you are ready to transform your backyard into a luxurious outdoor retreat, the professional landscape design team at Milestone is here to help.


if you’re considering upgrading your existing home or you are moving into a new property, book a complimentary design consultation with us.


we’ll help you gain clarity of what you truly want and help you understand the time and cost associated with your project:






You’ve spent a lot of time and money to turn your villa into your personal sanctuary. However, finding the right items for your home is only half the battle. The professional interior designers in Dubai at Milestone are here to help!


Where you place your ottoman or sofa will dramatically impact the appearance of your space. To help you create the most beautiful space, the interior designer team at Milestone have compiled a few tricks of the trade that will help make your space flow better.


Follow these simple tips to create an elegant, fluid space in your modern home.


interior designers



Create Space in Between Your Furniture


Whether you are looking to add new furniture or are determining where to place your current pieces, interior designers  recommend leaving plenty of space between each item.


Leaving space between your items allows your family and guests to move easily around your living space without bumping into other items.


As simple as this seems, providing space between each item allows for easy mobility and will create flow in your interior design.


interior designers



Establish a Focal Point in Your Space


Whether you are in the living room or in your master bedroom, there should always be a focal point in every room of your home.


It can be a larger item, such as a custom piece of furniture, a light fixture or a water wall – whatever you choose, it will anchor your space.


The item you choose should draw attention to your space and work to bring the entire room together.


interior designers





One of the first things your interior designer will tell you is to avoid the clutter.


Decorative items are great additions to your interior design. They personalize your space and inject your style into your space making it feel comfortable and cozy. However, too many items can clutter your space.


Start with a few special pieces, such as a unique sculpture or work of art, and add more items sparingly. These items will create a decorative theme for the room without it feeling overly cluttered.


interior designers



Arrange Your Furniture According to Your Rug Size


A lovely area rug is a great addition to elevate your space. If you have an area rug, be sure to think about the placement of your furniture.


For larger rugs, consider placing all of your furniture on top of the rug. This can help to create a segregated space in a larger room.


For smaller rugs, consider placing your furniture around the rug rather than on top of it. Placing all of your pieces on a small rug creates a tighter space which results in poor flow.


When you place your furniture around a small rug, it will serve as a decorative feature for your room, while adding comfort to your space.


Are you grappling to find the right pieces for your space? Sometimes the vision in your head can be hard to recreate in life. That’s where the interior designers in Dubai can help.


interior designers



At Milestone, we can help you find the inspiration to make your home shine with your personality and personal style. We can help you turn your vision into a reality!


From curating the best pieces to custom designing any piece of furniture or cabinetry you desire, our team of design experts are here to help. Contact us today for your free interior design consultation. We look forward to working with you.





Few colours are as playful and stunning as turquoise. Whether you’re using it for an accent wall or as a decorative accent, this vibrant colour can be whimsical, bold, lively, or dreamy.



Why Decorate with Turquoise


Turquoise is far more than another colour from the gemstone family. With its various hues, shades and tones the colour is deeply imbued in human history as a colour that brings harmony, peace and lasting happiness.


Often referred to as the summer shade, this stunning jewelled colour is perfect for any season.

Turquoise can be used in traditional and classic rooms or modern, contemporary spaces.



Mix and Match with Other Colours


Because it has both cool and warm undertones, turquoise will compliment just about every other colour.


For a whimsical and feminine appeal, considering mixing the colour with pinks, soft greens and lavenders. Looking to create a more masculine vibe, consider pairing it with hunter green, chocolate brown or charcoal.


If you are feeling lively, you can create the feeling of spring all year long by decorating your room with turquoise and lime green. Mixing it with yellow is a great way to create a sunny, vibrant ambience all year long.



Decorating with Colour Creates Exciting Accent Walls


Like many energetic colours, turquoise is often used to add a pop of colour to an accent wall. It adds light and energy to an otherwise neutral dining room or kitchen.


Consider adding a vibrant colour to an accent wall in a room with natural wood and warm whites. Or add a splash of colour and dimension to dark coral walls as well.


A paler, bluer turquoise works in a full room and creates a colourful backdrop for black and white modern decor. The possibilities are endless with this versatile colour.



Accent Tiles


Stone tiles with vibrant accents create a lovely decorative accent for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor landscape design. Subtle, yet stunning using tile creates a luxurious addition to your home or office space.



Use Your Accessories


Our interior designers can take an ordinary piece of furniture from drab to stunning with a fresh coat of paint. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a little love? Consider painting it turquoise!


Looking to add a splash of feminine flair to your space? The combination of pink and turquoise is both energetic and feminine. Throw in some white accents to keep your palette fresh.


Add this decorative colour to your existing décor by carefully selecting accents. Highlight your white walls with colourful lamps, decorative art, or drapes.



Focus on One Area


In a large room, you can create a separate space by using colour.  For example, your seating area can feature a combination of turquoise armchairs, matching accent pillows and an area rug incorporating the same colour.


A symmetrical décor makes a room feel more comfortable and inviting. If you decide to add an area rug with colourful accents, consider also adding a bold chandelier or pendant light. The key is to use the colour to create a separate space.


It’s ok to be subtle. Your colour doesn’t need to be bold or dark to stand out. Even when you use a very light shade of turquoise, this stunning shade can be a vibrant accent for your home as long as your other colours come to its aid.





Decorating with colour can do wonders to reinvent your space. Are you looking to take your interior colour palette to the next level? Contact the interior design professionals at Milestone for your free consultation.