Interior Designers in Dubai: Tips to Create Space and Flow

You’ve spent a lot of time and money to turn your villa into your personal sanctuary. However, finding the right items for your home is only half the battle. The professional interior designers in Dubai at Milestone are here to help!


Where you place your ottoman or sofa will dramatically impact the appearance of your space. To help you create the most beautiful space, the interior designer team at Milestone have compiled a few tricks of the trade that will help make your space flow better.


Follow these simple tips to create an elegant, fluid space in your modern home.


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Create Space in Between Your Furniture


Whether you are looking to add new furniture or are determining where to place your current pieces, interior designers  recommend leaving plenty of space between each item.


Leaving space between your items allows your family and guests to move easily around your living space without bumping into other items.


As simple as this seems, providing space between each item allows for easy mobility and will create flow in your interior design.


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Establish a Focal Point in Your Space


Whether you are in the living room or in your master bedroom, there should always be a focal point in every room of your home.


It can be a larger item, such as a custom piece of furniture, a light fixture or a water wall – whatever you choose, it will anchor your space.


The item you choose should draw attention to your space and work to bring the entire room together.


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One of the first things your interior designer will tell you is to avoid the clutter.


Decorative items are great additions to your interior design. They personalize your space and inject your style into your space making it feel comfortable and cozy. However, too many items can clutter your space.


Start with a few special pieces, such as a unique sculpture or work of art, and add more items sparingly. These items will create a decorative theme for the room without it feeling overly cluttered.


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Arrange Your Furniture According to Your Rug Size


A lovely area rug is a great addition to elevate your space. If you have an area rug, be sure to think about the placement of your furniture.


For larger rugs, consider placing all of your furniture on top of the rug. This can help to create a segregated space in a larger room.


For smaller rugs, consider placing your furniture around the rug rather than on top of it. Placing all of your pieces on a small rug creates a tighter space which results in poor flow.


When you place your furniture around a small rug, it will serve as a decorative feature for your room, while adding comfort to your space.


Are you grappling to find the right pieces for your space? Sometimes the vision in your head can be hard to recreate in life. That’s where the interior designers in Dubai can help.


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At Milestone, we can help you find the inspiration to make your home shine with your personality and personal style. We can help you turn your vision into a reality!


From curating the best pieces to custom designing any piece of furniture or cabinetry you desire, our team of design experts are here to help. Contact us today for your free interior design consultation. We look forward to working with you.