5 Tips for Choosing an Interior Designer

Whether you’re remodeling your entire villa or looking to redecorate a single room, selecting an interior designer in Dubai can be a difficult task. As a client and the beneficiary of the final product, you want everything to be perfect and to meet your vision.


After all, this is your home, and you want to enjoy this space for a very long time. Mistakes are not only time-consuming, but costly too.


That being said, hiring the right interior designer is an exciting time, as it is the first step towards making your team a reality! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when hiring a professional interior design team for your upcoming home project.



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Know your style and vision


Before you even begin interviewing interior designers, you need to know what direction you want to take with your home. Are you looking to remodel your entire villa or just a single room, such as the kitchen or a bathroom?


Are you looking to remodel or do you want to redecorate and revitalize a current room or home office? If you are a little fuzzy on the details, we suggest taking some time to view websites like Milestone’s for ideas- landscapingdubai.com


It’s important to have a vision for your project and to know your personal style so you can hire the right person for the job. Many designers have their signature style.


However, the best interior designers can adapt to your personal preferences. The right designer wants to bring your vision to life.





Determine your expectations of an interior designer


There’s no right way to partner with an interior designer. In fact, the expectations of your collaboration with an interior designer set the parameters of your home design project.


Before you start interviewing potential candidates for your next home project consider the following questions:


• Do you want to be included with every little design decision, or do prefer simply being involved in the big picture?


• Do you want your interior designer to show you every option available or do you prefer they offer you a narrowed-down selection tailored to your budget?


• Are you looking for complete guidance, or do you have an eye for interior design and just require help with planning and resources?


• In answering the above questions about your expectations, you will create a solid foundation and clear expectations for a successful working relationship with your interior designer.



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Review the interior designer’s portfolio


The proof is in the results! An interior design portfolio is a showcase of what they have achieved on past projects and is a testament to their ability to turn your vision into a reality.


Although a designer should be able to accommodate your tastes and interior design ideas, many designers do a signature style or different approaches that may not align well with your own.


When reviewing an interior designer’s portfolio, look for an overriding style to see if their recent projects echo what you want to achieve with your villa design project.


If you enjoy patterns and innovative color mash-ups, an interior designer who’s known for neutral palettes may not be a perfect match.



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Always ask for references from an interior designer


Another way to ensure your villa design goes off without a hitch is to conduct brief interviews with their past clients. This is also a perfect opportunity to learn about their process from a budgetary standpoint.


• When speaking to an interior designer’s references, consider asking the following questions:

• Did your project stay within budget?

• Would you hire the designer again in the future?

• Most importantly: did they have an enjoyable experience working with their interior designer? Remodeling or redecorating your home is a fun and exciting time. You want to make sure you hire someone you will enjoy working with.




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Meet with the designer and ask questions


Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to just a few designers, it’s important to meet face to face. Most designers will not charge you for this initial meeting. For these sessions but it would be good to ask about that over the phone just in case.


Use this initial consultation to get to know your potential designer, ask for referrals, inquire about their experience, qualifications and the services the designer will provide.


This is also the time to establish your project budget, the scope of the project, and the duration of the project. Try to think about the specifics of your project and write everything down on paper, so you can review all of the information later if you need to.


When you hire the right interior designer, turning your home design dreams into a reality is an exciting, and enjoyable process.


If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to hire an interior designer who’s interested in your vision, your budget, your timeline, and your happiness with the final product.


A home is a home when it brings out your personality, nurtures you, is organized for your needs, is convenient and cozy. It’s not a hotel but all the convenience of a hotel is present.