ASTECO – Top 5 tips

Renovating bathrooms cost effectively

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1)  Use the same inlet, drain, floor traps, shower mixer inlets and water closet sewerage pipes in the same location to avoid core drilling and moving of plumbing pipelines.
2)  Ensure waterproofing is done on the floor and walls, and in the shower and sink areas. You may not include walls with no plumbing.
3)  Most think marble, granite and backlit onyx make a bathroom look high-end. Try porcelain and ceramic in matte finish. The right combination is more glamorous than marble.

4)  Play around with your budget when picking fixtures. You may use expensive brands for the water closet, shower and sink, but choose mid-range brands for accessories.
5)  You do not need to fully tile the walls. Use paint on spaces that do not come in touch with water. This allows you to hang nice paintings.