Design Ideas for a Modern Office

Your office is more than just a place to work. Your office is a humming hive of engagement and activity!


Whether your organization runs in a traditional office setting or your company operates out of a home office, this space needs to be an inviting place that you and your employees like to be in.  


After all, aside from our homes, this is where we will spend a great deal of our time (and energy).  Here are a few tips to keep your office looking fantastic, inviting, and productive.






Hide the Wires


Between wires, laptops, and other electronic devices wires are everywhere!  Add in docking stations, paperwork, and personal items, and there are many things that can turn a room full of open desks into a very disorganized space.


Even an expensive conference table can look terrible if wires are not well concealed.  Luckily manufacturers are developing solutions that are clean and simple, making it easy and affordable to hide all of those pesky wires.  


When you remove the wires, you are creating a clean workspace.  Less clutter will correlate with increased productivity.






Bring the Outdoors In


This past year we have witnessed a serious shift toward nature in design.


Reclaimed wood panel installations, exposed concrete flooring, indoor plants and incorporating natural flora patterns in fabrics and artwork are all becoming more prominent in the home and office.


You can even add plant life in the form of living walls.  Vertical gardens are not only proven to increase well-being and decor with their lively aesthetics, but they also promote fresh air within the office.  


Incorporating nature into your office design scheme recreates the natural, cozy feeling that nature inspires. Ultimately when we are happier we are more productive!






Multipurpose Workspaces


Gone are the days of the stiff and sterile cubicle. Instead, modern offices have shifted towards non-assigned seating. Multipurpose spaces can be utilized for everything from morning announcements and multimedia presentations to casual breakout sessions.  


If you prefer to keep with the traditional desk setting, try adding an oval-shaped table or desk, which allows for a more comfortable place for small groups of employees to meet.






Designated Lounge Areas


This goes back to getting rid of those uninviting cubicles!  Now that everyone enjoys the pleasure and easy access of wireless technology, modern office spaces include a designated seating area to make work more enjoyable.  


Add couches, coffee tables, and benches so that employees can work while enjoying some comforts from home. You can get creative by adding bright, bold colors, accent pillows and throw rugs. It’s all about creating a vibe that promotes creativity and productivity.






Forget the Permanent Layouts


Versatility and flexibility is a growing trend in modern office design. Traditional office spaces, which were planned in advance with permanent layouts, are evolving to the needs of an ever-changing work landscape.


Try incorporating products designed to move the office layout, so they can change with your business. Modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved around, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.


A space with autonomy and flexibility – that’s a space that can transform a business.


When it comes time to design, decorate, or redecorate your office the ultimate goal is to create a space that people (including yourself) want to go to.  


Your office is more than just a place for your employees to work, it is a direct reflection or your biggest assets – your property and your people.  


If you’re interested in an office fit out, we’d love to discuss your options. Don’t be shy! Contact the Milestone design team today!