Farzin Ali 2016 Testimonial

Dear Sejal,

The 2 words in the subject of this mail are small in comparison to my

feelings for you and Milestone as a company. ‎Even though we have some

balance work, I cannot resist sharing my thoughts with you.

It has been a true pleasure to work with you and your company. In simple

words you have not given us a reason to complain. Undoubtedly a lot of the

credit goes to you as you have structured the company in a professional

manner. Right from inception, I had sensed that you are detail oriented and

organized which I can relate to. It is rare to find like-minded people to work

with and very difficult to keep up to the expectations of the client.

Milestone is the only company, I never had to supervise as I knew everyone

knows their job. It is the only company that I will miss after the project is

completed:) On Saturday, I could see the "PURE Joy" in your eyes when you

saw the family enjoying the site. You are truly passionate about your work.

Very nice of Mr. Rajesh to stop by and cherish your accomplishments.

I am so glad to find you as a friend on a personal level. Hope and pray we

can maintain our respect for each other.



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