Get Ready For Winter to Come Into Your Home

Summer is on our doorsteps and it’s officially the time of year to spruce up your home interior design.


From seasonal cleaning and decluttering to refurbishing your décor and refreshing your villa, here are a few quick and easy tricks of the trade to lend your villa a new “springtime” feel to chase away the winter blues.


Add some pastel color


Summer heat in Dubai is sizzling hot! The good news is that winter is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to freshen up your interior design for all of those up coming celebrations and gatherings with family and friends.


It’s time to give your walls a coat of refreshing, light, bright paint. This season gray is topping the interior décor color list.


If you’re looking to incorporate this shade into your house interior be sure to select a light gray with a slight springy tint, such as lilac or light blue. Or you could ditch the gray and opt for an all-out springy color with some vibrant pastels.


Think yellow, lilac, greens, and blues. These colors provide a great alternative to gray and simultaneously help make small spaces feel larger. Another bold option is Pantone’s color of the year, ‘Greenery.’ This vibrant yellow-green looks amazing!



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Keep it bright, light, and airy


Spring may have just left, but chances are you’re already dreaming of your next family holiday. Why wait? White cotton sheets will instantly lighten up your master bedroom suite while simultaneously adding a splash of chic boutique resort style.


Consider adding some flowing white drapes to your living room, a crisp white tablecloth to your dining table accented with fresh flowers, or vibrant throw pillows to add some color to your sofa.



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Bring the outdoors inside


Whether you’re staging your villa for a viewing or simply wish to inject a pop of color to your interior, fresh cut flowers are sure to do the trick! Adding a few vases of colorful flowers to a couple of rooms is sure to liven up your space.


You can even get creative, adding decorative accents of fresh fruit, such as oranges, lemons, and limes. Fresh-cut flowers and fresh fruit add a pop of spring color to your design scheme and a subtle fresh, fragrant aroma. Add indoor plants to bring the outdoors in.



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Have fun with your furniture


Adding bright, colorful cushions to your furniture will immediately add new life to your space. Injecting light green, light blue, yellow and pink cushions create an energetic and fun feeling which is positively refreshing!


What about rearranging your furniture? You’d be surprised at what a huge difference a simple reshuffle of your current sofa and chairs will make. Consider switching around your couch or moving your bed to a different location in the room.


Doing so will dramatically change the look and feel of any room. It also grants your old furniture a new lease of life!



strip 4



Accessorize your walls


Make use of your wall space by adding a mirror. Not only does it add new intrigue to your space, but it can also lend the illusion of expansive space to an otherwise small room.


Nature inspired designs are perfect for creating a spring feeling; they’re stylish, minimalist and look fantastic on any wall. Add a vertical garden on your wall and it will come to life.


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Allow natural light to come in


Creating a light and airy atmosphere brings life to any interior. The summer heat in Dubai is blazing and we are all forced to sit inside with the windows closed tight in our comfortable air-conditioned spaces.


Some offices and homes lack natural light. If you have curtains, this is the perfect opportunity to take them down and have them dry cleaned and pressed for the coming winter.


On the other hand, switching out your traditional curtains for colorful sheer ones can instantly liven up a room. They allow natural light to enter the room and create the feeling of more open space.


Nude and pastel colors are perfect for brightening up your interiors. You can mix and match them to correspond with the color of your colorful cushions. Bright colored walls too add a charm to your interiors and work wonder for your state of mind!



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While there is no “A” perfect time to liven up your space, summer is the perfect time to start! Adding light, airy and subtle accents won’t break the bank and these little changes are easily switched out when winter rolls around!


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started!



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