HARBOR – Top 5 tips

Choosing the right layout for your garden
By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) Different communities in the UAE have different styles of villas. When doing the landscaping, ensure that the design matches the architecture of the villa.
2) Create an easy path to walk around the villa. Refrain from making narrow pathways. Connect spaces to create a harmonious flow.
3) Be certain of useful areas. How would you like to use your space? How do you party? How many people attend those parties? Answering all these allows you to create spaces with apt dimensions.
4) Leave the right width for planting. Due to boundary footings, plant your trees 1 metre away from boundary walls. Tall shrubs and small shrubs can be planted closer.
5) The entertainment area needs to connect to your home so create easy access. For example, put your barbecue closer to the kitchen.