Masgouf Restaurant

Masgouf is an Iraqi cuisine restaurant located on Jumeirah Beach Road. It’s one of the finest regional food restaurants, very popular and highly rated.






Milestone was hired to design complete exteriors which is a huge space accommodating at east 150 seats in 2014. Space needed to be created to enjoy the outdoor dining experience, sitting in a beautiful garden. During winter, people love to sit out and dine instead of sitting inside. So it needed to be very special.




We created large shade structures. The span of the beam was 9 meters in length and had to use strong I beams of that length with welding the framework with the column to create a strong support. This was done to avoid columns interfering in the center walking flow. 2 large pergolas are iconic and look lovely from outside and allow enough lighting and fans.




Beautiful water features are built to kill the traffic sound and have a beautiful ambience.


The large black water wall opposite the VIP dining area is my personal favorite and it’s a beautiful water wall. Sliding water makes a soothing sound and there is a always a request and queue to sit in front of it!




Immaculate mood lighting makes the restaurant look gorgeous at night. Well-lit staircases and ramp give a stunning feel at night.


This modern and simple restaurant is completely neutral and used just beige, brown , black and green through plants. Sometimes less is more and simplicity is the key to minimalistic linear designs.




Do visit the restaurant and let us know how you liked it. Should you own a restaurant that needs to be designed inside out, call us and we will help you create an environment that is sought after by people. A well designed entrance and exterior definitely tempts people to try it out!