MORTGAGE – Top 5 tips

How to keep water features in tip-top shape

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) When building a water feature (pond, fountain, waterfall, pool), make sure you have a drainage system in place to make cleaning much easier.
2) Ideally, you should clean the water feature every 10 days to avoid algae from forming. Cleaning means replacing the water, removing leaves or reverse osmosis.
3) For pools, ensure to check its pH and chlorine levels to kill diseasecausing elements and maintain cleanliness.
4) Install the correct mechanical system for your water feature. Use filters, pumps and chlorine-dosing units if necessary.
5) Fountains and waterfalls add character to any outdoor space; thus, it is best to keep them running all the time. Not doing so can leave the area dirty, which can clog the pumps.