Murjan Villa Landscape Design – Project Profile Showcase

Client: Derek Evans


Location: Murjan Villa 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


Project Type: Murjan Villa Landscape Design, Complete Garden Design, Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola, Dining Area, Outdoor Furniture, Dining Awning, Garden Features.


Duration: Villa 1 (Murjan Villas Landscape) took approximately 90 days to complete, including planning, design, approvals and construction.




Happiness’ and Derek’s Villa was built on a large corner plot of land.

Although they had a great deal of space to work with, their plot was full of many awkward slants. They knew their project required professional landscaping assistance to complete the intricacies of their complex design.



After conducting an extensive search online, and reading client testimonials from previous Milestone landscape design projects, Derek and Happiness contacted me for their Murjan Villas landscape project through the Milestone website.


We decided to meet in person at their villa to view the site, understand their requirements and learn their aspirations.



I invited them to our show villa in Jumeirah Park for an initial consultation.

During our meeting they were able to see firsthand many of our design elements, check our quality of execution as well as provide me with an overview of their backyard design needs.

The Project

Derek wanted to transform his backyard plot into a space he could enjoy with his wife and son, throw intimate dinner parties, and throw large parties to entertain family, friends, and colleagues.


He envisioned a dedicated play area for his children, as well as an outdoor kitchen and dining area.



As you enter the backyard from the main villa, you’re instantly greeted by a gorgeous arrangement of potted plants.


The inviting custom designed wooden swing features custom planters filled with lush potted plants perfect for reading with the children or relaxing on a warm afternoon.



As guests pass through the spacious outdoor kitchen, they instantly notice the outdoor barbecue grill, single burners, kitchen sink, storage cabinets, spacious granite countertops, and natural stone cladding.


It’s the perfect area to make the outdoor cooking experience convenient and fun!



In between the outdoor kitchen and the seating area, Derek can enjoy dining al fresco with his family and friends on his custom-built wooden table with granite top.


The custom built wood bench adds a pop of vibrant color to the dining area, while the gorgeous granite table top is durable and built to withstand the natural heat and sun.



As they dine, guests will enjoy the soothing sounds of the nearby relaxing water wall and stunning sight of their fire pit and custom built decorative wooden wall surrounded by lush greenery and LED candles.



Complete with a retractable awning, this entire outdoor kitchen and dining area create a very distinct space.



Once guests pass through the kitchen, they enter the warm and inviting outdoor living area.


We built the pergola as an extension of the main villa, with spacious ‘L’ shaped couch and chairs to provide ample of seating for family and friends. All outdoor furniture was customized and built in our joinery.



As guests relax under the shade of the pergola, they can watch their children play on the nearby swing set and rock climbing wall in the nearby play area. An additional seating area off to the side of the backyard with sunshade provides extra space for guests to relax and unwind.



The Result

Derek was very pleased with the final out come of his Murjan Villa landscape project. He found the Milestone team to be very accommodating and competent. We are very happy to have exceeded his design expectations.


Today, Derek is enjoying his newly renovated backyard with his family. We’ve created the perfect outdoor space to sit down and relax with family, to throw intimate dinner parties, or to host larger gatherings with family and friends.



I thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique Murjan Villa landscape renovation project. Contact my team today to learn how we can help you transform your outdoor space.