Various Pools We’ve built

Here is a collection of beautiful water features and pools we have designed and built in our clients homes.



I was born in Mumbai in the month of June when it was raining profusely. I lived for 30 years on the Marine Drive Sea face and heard the sound of the waves flowing and crashing on the large tetrapots.


I went to sleep and arose to the sound and sight of the mighty Arabian Sea right outside my window. Water was an inherent part of my life.



Since 2007 we’ve been building concrete pools of any shape, size and style which bring nature into the homes of our clients and creates a serene environment.


Water features and pools require special skills to design and execute them properly. Proportion, size, mechanical and electrical calculations, even the sound of the thud of water and its flow is essential to know how the water will behave once the pool is finished.


Milestone excels at this. I am so proud to share with you some of our best Aquascape designs that we have delivered in the last few years.



This unique design of water flowing on glass makes a subtle sound as the glass is just 30 centimeters above the water and sound is controlled.


The water curtain gives the illusion of rain combined with the sound of raindrops. The lighting showcases the glass panel with koi fish with water plants and the 1 meter depth pond is very modern.


The entire bio filtering, oxygenating koi pond system is concealed in the pump room and was built to conceal this equipment. This water feature sits in the entrance and is a very nice Vastu and Feng Shui element to enhance the flow of energy into the house.



Check out some of out best pools – Skimmer, overflow and infinity pools that we have built. Combined with fire, water flowing into the pool, flanked decks, Jacuzzi, each pool is a different experience.


Water walls, water flowing into a pond like water basin, immaculate lighting, the choice of the right material, height and depth of the water flow makes them unique.



A water feature adds a wow factor to the garden. They can be fully automated with an inlet of water, a drain point connected to manholes, vacuum points, filters and a chlorinator to keep them clean just like a pool.


You can completely avoid the headache of self-cleaning and have a water features that doesn’t require you to maintain it.  Lastly, as this is a water rotating system, you don’t need to keep changing the water, just like a pool!




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