Client: Naresh Mohnani


Location: Lantana Villas, Dubai


Project Type: Lantana Villas Landscape Design, Complete Garden paving, Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola, Water Feature, Seating, Lighting and Planting with Artificial Turf.


Duration: Landscape design took approximately 4 months to complete (including design, detailing, and gaining approvals from DCCA for a pergola, building and completion certificate)




I have had the pleasure of knowing Naresh Mohnani for many years. Both avid Table Tennis players, our paths would often cross at the India club. As we became more acquainted, he knew that I specialized in landscaping and interior design.


Over time, he was often referred to my work. You can imagine how thrilled I was when he purchased his villa and contacted me to work on his Lantana Villa’s landscape garden design.



I immediately invited Naresh to the Milestone show villa, which is in Jumeirah park, to have a look at all of the possibilities and options for his personal garden design.


The Project

Naresh was very open to suggestions and allowed me to lead the project. I took the time to speak with Naresh and his family, and together we began to formulate what they wanted from their backyard landscape design.


They wanted to create a functional space that would enhance their lifestyle while maximize every square foot of their backyard space.



They wanted to build a sitting area with shade structure, barbeque, and a bar to enjoy the seasonal weather with cooking and dining.


They also wanted to enhance the landscape design with herb garden, water feature, and decor feature walls to host parties and intimate gatherings for friends, family, and extended family.



The Milestone design team and I were tasked with creating a design to make their backyard look spacious, beautiful and inviting, while simultaneously incorporating all of their design elements.


I sketched out some design ideas on Naresh’s floor plans and they were all very impressed and excited to start! The garden had to be simple, low in maintenance and accommodate easy flow of people in parties.


The Result

The entrance is warm and inviting. As you walk through the pathway on the right side of the villa, you are greeted by an impressive combination of lush green and flowering plants. As you near the end of the entrance way, you’ll notice a decorative stone wall featuring an intriguing sculpture that adds to the ambiance of this stunning outdoor space.




The artificial turf area is enhanced with a relaxing water feature and a comfortable bench for additional seating. We designed and created a stunning covered pergola with  rich Miranti wood finish to serve as the ideal sitting for outdoor dining and a sitting lounge.



Adjacent to the pergola, we added a spacious bar counter for additional seating with a gorgeous granite countertop and stone facia cladding. The outdoor barbeque area is complete with storage cabinets and a functional sink.



We even encorporated a herb garden to spice up Naresh’s outdoor meals.



It was equally important for Naresh and his family to be able to entertain in their backyard during the day as it was to entertain in the evening.



Through the combination of concealed LED lights and other custom lighting fixtures, we were able to create an outdoor space to enjoy day in and day out.



The final touch? A custom sound system to take the fun to next level for special events!



Naresh’s new backyard landscape design makes it easy for him to host intimate dinners and to cater large parties and events.



It was a pleasure to work with Naresh and his family to build a landscape for their villa to make memories with family and friends for years to come.



I thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique Lantana Villas landscape renovation project. Contact my team today to learn how we can help you transform your outdoor space.