Plush Villa in Emirates Hills


This beautiful villa in Emirates Hills is located in Lilak street and boasts of a gorgeous Landscape.




Owners wanted to revamp the whole garden when they bought this property. This villa was U shaped and had a huge central courtyard in the backyard that surrounded different areas in the property. The old pool in that courtyard was not situated in the right location as per Vastu / Feng Shui.
It needed to be closed down with a new pool to be built, right outside the living room. The client wanted some seating area, dining area with a wash basin and a beautiful courtyard with immaculate lighting.They had collected some very old antique columns that needed to be used to build a shade structure.





The layout of the villa did not have square or rectangle areas and everything was spread out due to the u shaped building construction. Areas were divided into left, right and centre, making it hard to integrate spaces! We needed to see a nice view from each window and room and bring spaces together harmoniously.
The toughest part of design was to use the antique columns to create a pergola that does not look too ornate! Was it possible to combine something so antique with modern and match the overall simple and modern design, i wandered!



BA_1 copy



Idea was to create a beautiful infinity pool that runs water over the walls facing the living room windows. When they open up the bifold doors in winter, the sound of water makes the whole space so relaxing!
We wanted to build a kinesthetic garden that wows all the senses! Long lasting, easy to maintain, sustainable, medium range materials used and yet very serene and impactful with gorgeous lighting design.






It took almost 7 months from designing it, gaining Emaar and Dubai Municipality approvals to building it and handing over.






The entrance has a gorgeous water wall with water sliding down a large glass into a koi pond. Koi Pond basin was a meter deep with glass in the front from which you can see koi fish swimming around . It feels as if it is raining outside when you see the water feature from inside the house.
The gorgeous lantern wall create a nice entrance to the side pathway of the villa. The Infinity Pool with a water feature creates a grand view and is the most gorgeous feature in that villa.






Clients are enjoying spending time in the unique pergola that stand tall near the Pool. They love to entertain, have parties, swim, dine outside as a family. They are able to accommodate at least 100 guests when they desire to host large numbers of people.






Enjoy looking at all the pictures. Should you feel inspired to create something unique in your villa , give us a call and we will help you transform your space and bring your vision into reality.