Revitalize Your Walls

Wall Decor | 8 Ways To Revitalize & Balance Your Space


Wall decor:


1. Bring harmony and vitality. Use colors, accessories, design features, lighting, paintings, cladding, vertical gardens and wall paper


2. Walls, ceiling and flooring form the basis of design for any space in your house. Your house will come alive if there is harmony and balance between them.


1. Wall Decor: Colors


White or neutral shades for your ceilings are best and will allow them to be unimposing. Larger tiles in white or beige will make your space look bigger.


The choice of wooden, marble or ceramic materials for your floor should harmonize with your walls. Lighter floors and white or light walls make your space look bigger.


Darker floors and light walls give warmth. Lighter floors and darker walls make your space look smaller and imposing. Fill in your name & email ID in the box on the right to have Sejal call you for wall decor.





2. Wall Decor: Accessories


Having neutral colors on walls allows you to use any painting and accessories.


Using darker shades on walls requires matching wall accessories, curtains, sofa upholstery, carpet or rug, throw cushions so that the colored wall combines with the overall color theme.


3. Wall Decor: Design Features


You can use any of the following materials to design feature walls:


• Wood paneling
• Leather panels
• Wall laminates
• Colored wood
• Wall paper
• Stone claddings
• Fabric panels
• Paint finish
• Metal
• Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) panels
• Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) panels
• Glass
• Acrylic
• Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cut MDF


Every wall having an enhancement is too much. Just a touch of design is enough to make your wall come alive. Fill in your name & email ID in the box on the right to have Sejal call you for wall decor.



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4. Wall Decor: Lighting


Using essential and mood lighting on your wall in an interesting way will bring warmth to your evening.


To design the atmosphere you want you can use:


• Warm white
• Colored Light Emitting Diode (LED) strip lights
• Wall up and down lights
• Only down lights
• Spot lights to highlight paintings
• Ground lights to highlight walls upwards


5. Wall Decor: Paintings


Choosing the right size of painting for your wall is important. Paintings that match the style, color and texture of walls can enhance the walls or bring disastrous results depending on the choice you make.


Having large walls and using small paintings, that too not at eye level, can give you atrocious results. A large painting at eye level enhances the wall, focusing attention on the painting.


Eye level is considered to be around 150 cms from the floor. So individual paintings and photographs or clusters of them at this level work exceedingly well. Fill in your name & email ID in the box on the right to have Sejal call you for wall decor.


6. Wall Decor: Cladding


Stone cladding comes in a number of colors and makes the texture of your wall interesting.


Use marble, travertine and textured marble to make your wall fascinating. These materials give depth and can be maintenance free for years.





7. Wall Decor: Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens are used frequently to augment walls in restaurants, homes, offices and malls. They bring natural greenery inside the area while occupying little space. Irrigation can be installed easily.


It is also possible to use artificial vertical gardens instead of natural plants.


8. Wall Decor: Wall Paper


Wall paper is a good option. It is available in many designs, textures and styles. However for a long life it requires consistent temperatures in the Dubai climate. Your air-conditioning may need to be on whether you are using the space or not.


Wall Decor: To view interesting ways to enhance your walls view the images below


Fill in your name & email ID in the box on the right to have Sejal call you for wall decor.


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