Smart Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you’re decorating a small office, modest villa, or a petite room in your home, the dimensions don’t have to limit your design possibilities.


With a little creativity and strategic planning, it’s possible to transform your small space into the room, villa, or office of your dreams. In fact, there are plenty of easy design-proven solutions that will make your space look stylish, open, and just plain bigger.



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Paint and Accent Wall


A cool and calm color scheme will leave your space feeling bigger and brighter. Leave your walls white, ivory, sand or beige to lend the illusion of expansive space. Dark paint colors often make a room seem smaller.


Opt for lighter shades to instantly create a breezy, spacious feel. Another trick is to use multiple but similar colors, such as white and beige or pale pink and mauve.


If you are into colour, go bold and bright or even dark and cozy but only on an accent wall. You can even use the same color on the trim to add a little extra height to your space. You’d be amazed what an inch or two can do!


Incorporate Floor Length Mirrors


Adding a large floor length mirror is the easiest way to open up a room, making it appear double its size. Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light making the room seem lighter and brighter.


Smaller mirrors are also nice for decoration but larger floor length mirrors are the way to go when you want to open up your space and provide the appearance of depth. You can even double up, placing two mirrors side-by-side.



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Limit Bold Accents


When it comes to bold accents, less is more! Limit any big, bold prints to decorative accessories, such as blankets, throw pillow or fabric choices for smaller pieces of furniture, such as a stool or ottoman. Larger commanding pieces like your sofa should be solid and light..


Let There Be Light!


Dimly lit rooms have a tendency to disappear. To avoid this, add table lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces in the corners of the room. Placing these accents at the corners not only maximizes your floor plan but also brightens your space.



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Floor to Ceiling Curtains


Make your ceiling appear taller by adding floor to ceiling curtains. When selecting drapes, be sure that they are the same color as the walls within the room. Sticking to the same color scheme will help the curtains to blend in, creating a streamlined effect.


If privacy isn’t a concern, consider leaving your windows bare. Not only does this produce an unobstructed view, it also makes the room feel bigger by incorporating the extension of the outdoors.


Invest in Hybrid  Pieces


When you find furniture that performs double duty, you’ll need less of it! Think storage ottomans that also function as seating, trunks that moonlight as coffee tables, or dining tables that drop their leaves to become smaller breakfast tables.


Ultimately, the less furniture you have, the more space you have.



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Clutter Free is the Way to Be


Let your furniture breath. Resist the temptation to push pieces together, as this can create a counter-effect, making a room feel crowded. Instead, allow plenty of space between furniture, and try “floating” larger pieces in the middle of the room.


While you may not be able to add square footage to your office, villa or small room, you can use a little creativity to make your space feel much larger. Stick to these tricks, and you’ll be on your way to creating a comfortable design scheme with endless space!