SNAG – Top 5 tips

Utilising feature lighting in the garden

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) Choose the correct light for each element in your garden, e.g. spotlights for plants/trees, underwater lights for water features and so on.
2) Save power, energy and money by installing solar and LED lights, which use lower power, instead of halogen lights.
3) When buying lights, think lumen not watts. Lumen tells how bright a lighting fixture is. The brightness you need may vary according to where you install it.
4) Pick the right voltage for the area where you need the lights, e.g. lights lower than 12V are safe for water features, or plants and trees near water.
5) Distance matters. Maintain a 2.5 to 3-metre distance when lighting plants. Pathways can be lit every 2 to 3 metres.Spotlights need to be at least 50 centimetres away.