Swimming Pool | 5 Basic Points To Consider Before Ordering

Swimming pool: Standard features, quotations should include, cleaning & hygiene, optimum size & high water table issues


Have you just moved to a new villa? Or are you buying an old property and wish to build a pool to entertain? Or is it mainly to exercise regularly?


Or do you want to build a pool to increase the value of your property when you sell it?


Clear objectives will help you get better value for your investment.


1. Swimming pool: Standard features


  • A Skimmer pool does not have an overflow channel and a balance tank
  • Overflow and Infinity pools have this to balance the inflow of extra water into the channel and then into the tank
  • A pool pump room is common to both and needs to be built
  • Overground pool pump rooms are easier to maintain. They have easy access and do not need an automatic submersible pump to throw out the water in case it collects for any reason
  • The pool pump room may be included in the pool price or may be quoted as a separate line item






2. Swimming pool: Quotations


  • All pools are quoted with their mechanicals including filters, dual pumps, chlorinator, control panels and all MEP requirements
  • General pool tiles are a part of the quote unless something that is nonstandard is selected. The price of tiles may be given as per approval
  • Heat and chill pump, chlorine free unit, maintenance kit, pool shower are all options, which one can select
  • A pool ladder is compulsory as required by the Dubai Municipality and is quoted separately
  • A safety fence is required as per the Environmental Health and Safety Rules and can be quoted separately based on the selection of materials and your budget. This fence can be made of glass, wood, metal or can be just a temporary removable fence
  • Pool steps into the shallow area are always a part of the pool
  • Standard pools are generally 90 cms to 1.6 meters in height. But depending upon the style of pool you choose, you could select heights from 90 cms  to 2 mtrs


3. Swimming pool: How to keep it clean and healthy


  • Correct dosage of chlorine keeps the pool clean
  • Bi-weekly pool maintenance, cleaning, collecting of leaves that may clog the filter
  • Cleaning of filter when required
  • Balance tank ball valve and level may be checked
  • Measure the water temperature with a thermometer when heat and chill pump is in use
  • Filter timing needs to be set and maintained






4. Swimming pool: Determining the optimum pool size for your backyard


Installing a swimming pool is a great way to create your own relaxing “summer vacation” spot right in your own backyard.


However, choosing the right size pool for your needs is the most important task before the contractor starts digging. Installing a pool is a big investment, so take time to determine exactly how much space is available and how you want to use your pool before you start shopping.


  • A lap pool is normally 3 x 15 meters or 3 x 20 meters if the space permits and you have the length
  • A small splash pool is ideal for small villas like Garden villas in Palm Jumeirah, Springs and Meadows in Dubai. A size of 3 x 7 meters or 4 x 9 meters will work. This size allows enough room for casual swimming, games and simply cooling off on a hot day
  • Kidney-shaped, figure eight and octagon are typical design styles for this size of residential pool






5. Swimming pool: What happens if the water table level is high in the vicinity?


  • With high water table levels digging is more expensive. De-watering may be required even at depths of 1 meter till you get dry sand so that concrete may be applied
  • In such cases you may want to consider building an infinity raised pool. This will allow easy construction