Tips For Planning The Perfect Swimming Pool Project

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Written by: Sejal Nagjee

A night sky with a bluely lit swimming pool project.

Recent Milestone Project: Emirates Hills


Here are a few tips to plan your swimming pool project.


If you’re spending a lot of time in your backyard, a refreshing pool is the simplest way of transforming your space into a personal oasis.


From entertaining your friends to daily enjoyment with your family, a pool is a perfect way to cool off and unwind after a long day.


Be Aware of Your Space


The first step in planning your backyard swimming pool project is to determine how big your pool will be and where you should build it.


Whether you have a large or a small backyard, you can plan a pool to fit your needs. When planning, consider the scale of your landscape design and your garden.


How Much Space Do You Have For The pool?


If you have a small backyard, you don’t want to build a pool that’s too large for your space. It will leave you little room to move, entertain, or plant a garden.


However, if you’re working with a larger outdoor space, the right size pool will create the perfect balance between your pool, hardscape elements, and garden.


Consider a shading bright orange umbrella for your swimming pool project

Recent Milestone Project: Jumeirah Park


Location, Location, Location!


Just as important as the size of your swimming pool project is its exact location.


Where you place your pool will depend on the zoning in your area or neighborhood. You also need to consider who will be using your pool.


For example, where will people sit and relax? How can you maximize or minimize wind and sun exposure?


We also consider taking into account how people will enter and exit the pool.


For example, where will your family and friends sit and relax? How can you maximize or minimize wind or sun exposure?


Additionally, many homeowners spend just as much time looking at their pool as they do swimming in it.


It’s worth considering how your pool will be viewed from the rest of your backyard, and from your home.


Know Your Options


Which kind of pool do you want?


Perhaps you want a skimmer pool, an overflow pool or even an infinity pool.  Perhaps a plunge pool, a lap pool or a baby pool.


Do you desire a Baja step where you place sun loungers in the pool?


While your possibilities are endless, your first step is making a choice.


The lowest price points for our custom swimming pool projects, skimmer pools do not have an overflow channel or a balance tank. The water level of a skimmer pool is approximately 15 cms below ground level.


These pools are ideal for those who have space but are working with a limited budget.


blue infinity pool next to white house

Recent Milestone project: Emirates Hills

Overflow pools are designed with an overflow channel and a balance tank to regulate the inflow of extra water into the channel and then into the tank.


The water level is the same as the ground level. They look beautiful as you can see the water right on the ground.


Infinity pools seamlessly extend into the horizon for a very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing addition to any outdoor living area.


They are raised above the ground and appear as if they are disappearing in the distance. Infinity pools are as pleasing to the eye as they are for entertaining when the temperatures rise.


Plunge pools provide a smaller deep swimming pool that’s specifically designed to refresh on a hot day!


You can also enhance your plunge pool with a waterfall or other exquisite water feature. The pools are smaller in size and mainly built to relax and unwind.


Lap pools are narrow and long, ranging from 2.7-3 meters wide and 15-30 meters in length, and they provide a nice length for those who love to swim as an exercise.


Make A Splash With The Right Depth


Just as important as the size of your pool is the depth of your swimming pool project.


Will you be lounging in your pool, swimming laps, or watching your children jump and cannonball into the deep end of your pool?


Depending on your needs, your pool depth can range from 90 – 1.6 m for a standard depth or full pool (which is about the same height of 1.4 m to walk).


Choose The Right Pool Pump


Once you’ve determined the size, depth, and type of pool – you should consider whether you want an underground or over ground pool pump room.


Over ground rooms are more cost effective and they can be more convenient to use.


Over ground control rooms can also hide easily behind a feature wall to keep your landscape design looking unscathed.


Not only are feature walls useful to hide a pump room, but they are also useful to conceal a shower or changing room area for pool guests.


Your Milestone Swimming Pool Project


A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard addition. With the right pool design in your backyard, your pool can become the center for entertaining family and friends.


Whether it’s a barbecue by water or your children spending their day splashing away the heat, a swimming pool is a stunning, fun addition to your backyard.


Contact a member of our team to get started on your pool project today!


Sejal Nagjee

Sejal Nagjee, Milestone’s CEO and Creative Director is a gifted designer. Regardless of the project scale or scope, from homes and offices, hotels and restaurant, to gardens and exterior living spaces, her distinctive style injects a fresh and vibrant perspective to every living space. With over 30,000 hours of hands-on experience, across a wide breadth of interior and exterior design and build projects, Sejal has the skills, passion, resources and industry connections to get the job done on time!