7 Tips to Create the Illusion of Expansive Space

There are loads of ways to “open up” your living space by tricking the eye into believing that your home is much, much larger than it actually is.


Creating expansive space doesn’t always require tearing down a wall or a major renovation (although we can do that too)! Here are a few tips to create the illusion of expansive space in your home or office.






Choose monochromatic colors


Monochromatic color schemes are known for their peaceful ambiance, as they allow the eye to move easily around the room without the abrupt interruption of other colors.


When selecting your colors, be sure to use different color values, as they will add depth and interest to your space.


Go with glass


If you are looking to add space to a small bathroom, considering adding a glass shower door over a shower curtain. A shower curtain creates a visual barrier instead of letting your eyes take in every inch of space that exists.


Similarly, you can replace wooden doors with french doors, or any of your doors with interior glass panels. In using clear glass, you will create the illusion of space by maximizing every inch of square footage.






Hang mirrors


Wall mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Use full-height mirrors wherever possible to create the illusion of higher ceilings. Full-length mirrors that run from floor to ceiling reflect the light, making a small room feel more open.


Mirrors and mirrored glass are an instant way to create the illusion of expansive space. Hanging wall mirrors not only lend the illusion of expansive space but they also add a pleasing accent to your wall decor.


You can even get creative! Adding a strip of mirror to a section of wall in your small kitchen will instantly make the room feel twice as large. You could also add mirrored accents to your kitchen island, cabinets or backsplash.


Choose the right furniture and declutter


Choosing the right furniture is the key to maximizing your space. Avoid heavy, solid furniture or skirted sofas. Instead, choose pieces on raised legs, or made of clear materials, that have less visual weight.


Choose smaller pieces that are versatile and multifunctional, like a sideboard that also doubles as an entertainment center. When in doubt, less is more. The less furniture you have, the larger the room will look.


Also take a good look around. Clutter and excess items really make a space feel small and cramped. Keep essential pieces that make a statement, create a focal point, or have a deep sentimental value, but get rid of the rest!


Pay close attention to rooms that have a low ceiling. Each item in the room will add to that feeling of being boxed in. There are plenty of inventive storage options to help keep you room tidy. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we can probably make it for you.



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Unify your flooring


Continuous solid flooring makes your rooms look expansive and feel more spacious than they actually are. Don’t divide up your room by installing linoleum in the kitchen and hardwood in the living room. This creates two small spaces.


Using the same material throughout both rooms will help your design scheme flow from area to the next. If you are looking to make each room unique, try adding a striped rug and position it vertically through the room to make it feel longer.


Lower your lighting


Where are you placing your lights? When working with a small design space, you should avoid ceiling lights whenever possible. Instead place your lighting at floor, table and eye level to help limit shadows.


This includes hanging any pendant lamps as low as possible. You can also add vertical wall sconces to enhance your wall space.


Not only do the vertical elements of the lights help to create the look and feeling of a higher wall, but the light cast up and down from sconces helps to devise height by tricking the eyes.


Add dramatic art


Hang dramatic works of art and art pieces to make a room feel more expansive. Choose art pieces that are large and bold. In a small room, an oversized piece of dramatic art can actually give the feeling of more space.


Consider adding a large painting or another big piece of art. Not only does it open the room but it also creates a stunning focal point.


If you’re looking to lend the illusion of more space start with these simple tips. If you’re looking for a more dramatic home renovation, reach out to the design experts at Milestone and we’d be happy to discuss your home makeover!


Photos courtesy of Pinterest.