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Just like you, every once and awhile I need to change things up. From subtle accents to innovative additions, here are a few of my favorite trends to enhance your décor while improving your demeanor!


Bring the Outdoors Inside


There’s something about being outside. Nature creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps us to forget the stress and frustrations of the day. It’s possible to decorate and arrange your home so that you bring a bit of the outdoors inside.


Start by focusing on an area where the inside meets outdoors. Whether it’s a sunroom, porch or just a room with a great view, move towards transitional spaces.


Add some billowy curtains, to filter the natural light, or natural accents throughout the space, such as wood or bamboo. When placed in the right place, window boxes draw your attention outside.


You can even get creative and plant fresh herbs for those upcoming barbeques and parties. Try adding a few flowers and plants inside your home. Bright colorful flowers will do wonders to lift your spirits and brighten your interior space.






Water Features


Enhance your indoor décor with the exquisite sight and sound of water. Whether you decide to go small or large, there are hundreds of styles that range from wall fountains and waterfalls to tiny little desktop or tabletop versions.


Some incorporate special lights, natural elements (such as stones or plants), and even custom art. In addition to looking amazing, water features are an artistic expression that allows you to relax and reflect. This small detail can truly enhance your space.






Specialty Lighting Fixtures


When it comes to light, you should always choose quality over quantity. Lighting design, regardless of the space, can alter people’s moods, inspiration, productivity, and everything in between.


What better way to change your perspective than to change your lighting? Contemporary pendant lights give a room a unique sense of structure and substance, showing funky and sometimes fascinatingly strange shapes.


Not to mention that pendant lights can highlight an otherwise unusable focal point of your room. The right light can help bring life to a room by adding color and texture. Consider using them to bring in a fun accent to a mostly monochromatic room.


Lightening and fixtures are a simple addition that will showcase your personal style.


Incorporating candles in strategic ways also enhances your interior space, transforming it into a soothing, inviting, and relaxing environment.


Candles provide a great alternative that also plays with your interior ambiance, slowing down the energy and helping you feel rested. They also come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, colors and scents.








When most people think about home accents they think about vases, throw pillows and knick-knacks. They don’t necessarily think of incorporating art into their decor. It doesn’t have to be a painting or piece that you hang on the wall.


You can get creative!  The classic elegance of stone, fibreglass, statues, abstract sculptures, and other modern artworks are making a comeback in very large fashion.


However, this trend doesn’t necessarily have to be about the large and expensive items but is also about small luxury accents.


Think outside of the traditional “art box,” adding hand-crafted vessels, sculptures, and furnishings for that inspirational culminating finish evokes sophistication, luxury, and opulence.






Inject a Little Life


Humans possess an instinctive bond with other living things, including plants and animals. Plants help to create a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility. So you don’t have a green thumb? What about an air thumb?


Often the things that don’t usually come together become an extraordinary combination. The levitating plant fuses an artistic spirit with technology, resulting in creative design.


Using innovative forces of magnetic energy, the levitating plant not only adds a little living appeal to your space, but it serves as a great conversation starter!  


Research indicates that living with an abundance of oxygen producing plants may result in significant health benefits, to include a longer life span.


Cancers and many other pathogenic diseases are suppressed by oxygen, which is why hyperbaric oxygen chambers are used as powerful life-saving tools. Some plants emit oxygen at night, creating a soothing effect for asthmatic patients.  


Sprouts (such as sweet peas, buckwheat, and sunflower) create an abundance of oxygen and they taste great too. The Snake Plant and Areca Palm are also lovely aesthetic accents that possess the added benefit of producing oxygen.


Looking for something a little larger? Consider designing a living interior wall. Living green walls are panels of plants, grown vertically using hydroponics, on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls.


Also referred to as vertical gardens, green walls, living walls or ecowalls, this lush addition to your home can incorporate flowers and even water features. The possibility are endless!


Making a few simple changes can transform your space and do wonders for your spirit. When creating your interior be sure to surround yourself with items that lift your spirits and help you relax. After all, this is your home!