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by Sejal Nagjee



Planning your landscape design is an exciting time. Whether you want a new outdoor dining area, an infinity pool with a nearby Pergola or an area to relax long into the evening under the stars, planning your dream landscape design is attainable. Best of all, you can plan your dream landscape within your budget!


We’ve compiled a few tips to help you plan your dream backyard while sticking to your budget.


Know Your Budget


The first step to sticking with a budget is knowing how much you can spend. Knowing your budget will help you choose between the various hardscape and landscape options available to create your dream landscape design.


In design, we typically categorize landscape into the following four pricing categories, ranging from 550 dirhams per square meter to 1,500 dirhams per square meter. Your exact price point will depend on the structures and features you build.


To start a project you will need to:


  1. Take your total plot area and subtract the existing ground floor built up area of your villa, garage, and service blocks (if applicable). For example, if your total plot is 10,000 square feet and a total built-up area is 5500 square feet.  3,500 square feet would be the total built-up area of your ground floor and garage. Do not count the first floor.
  2. Now you will be left with 6,500 square feet of land to be developed.
  3. Once you have determined your square footage to be developed, multiply the number by .09 and you will arrive at the square meter to be developed.
  4. In this example 6500 sq.ft x.09= 585 m2. You would have 585 square meters of land to be developed.


Depending on your budget  there are different categories of projects:


  • Low-end budget – 585 square meters at 550 dirhams/sq. m = 321,750 Dhs.
  • Mid-range budget – 585 square meters at 700 dirhams/sq. m = 409,500 Dhs.
  • Mid-range with some features – 585 square meters at 850  dirhams/sq.m = 497,250 Dhs.
  • High-end budget – 585 square meters at 1100 dirhams/sq. m = 643, 500 Dhs.
  • Luxurious budget – 585 square meters at 1550 dirhams/sq. m = 906,750 Dhs.



Anything below 550 square meters can prove challenging. Typically, below 585 sq. m indicates to the landscape designer that you are not looking to invest for the long term. Perhaps this is a rental property or you plan on moving in near future. In this case, we would suggest a minimal landscape design with minimal features.


If you fall within the 1550 dhs / m2 rage, you might want to consider including a pool, Waterproof shade structures, water features, tough 3 cms thick granite or 2 cms thick porcelain for larger areas of the driveway.



Additionally, you could include fireline, firepots, high-end water features, sculptures, and other accessories, such as a koi pond, immaculate lighting, and high-end planting.



You live in Emirates Hills, Dubai hills and are building a villa for many years to come using high-end materials. You love to entertain and want to utilize your villa to entertain friends, family, and business associates. It’s your own personal resort!


Plan Your Features


As you start to plan your landscape design, take a moment to consider all of the features you want in your backyard. If you don’t plan your features these items can add up quickly. Not to mention, you need to make sure you have space in your landscape design for all of the items you wish to incorporate.


Water features, swimming pools, lighting features, planting, living walls, and automated irrigation systems work together to create a stunning and functional landscape design. As you think about the features you desire, be sure to consider your existing landscape features and plant life.



Plan enough numbers of seating and how you wish to spend your time in the garden.


Phasing Your Project


Due to the arid nature of the UAE, villa owners should at minimum cover their soil with artificial grass, pebbles, or even a minimal landscape. This will allow you to develop your landscape in the future as your budget permits.


If you are working with a limited budget, we suggest breaking your project into various phases.


  • Phase 1 – Generally, this first phase includes completing all groundwork required for your landscape design project. During this phase, all civil works including excavation, ground clearing, removing of debris, concrete works, tiling and paving of pathways should be completed.

Additionally, all wiring, irrigation, plumbing, electrical, and digging (i.e. a pool), will also be developed during phase one. During this phase, your design team will remove all salty soil and replace it with sweet soil, which is optimal for planting and grassing lush lawns.


  • Phase 2 – During the second phase, you will start to build your landscape spaces. During this phase, you will build your outdoor kitchen, backyard barbecue, concrete seating areas, wooden embellishments, customized furniture, and customized dining areas.


  • Phase 3 – During this last phase, your design team will focus on the finishing touches of your landscape design. Depending on your needs, this may include sculptures, wall arts, feature walls, works of art, pottery, firepots, swing, special outdoor furniture, and other decorative accents.


It’s important to note that there is always a loss when you complete your project in phases. Typically, phased work requires one thing or another being redone or uprooted. Additionally, as the landscape ages between phases, more and more work will arise.


For those starting with a minimal budget, we would recommend starting with artificial grass, pebbles and plants and irrigation as it can be easily used at a later date. Grass can be removed and used and pebbles reused. Taking plants into consideration, you can plant tall trees and tall bushes and plant short bushes and ground covers later.


Create a Master Plan


Plan your entire space. A Master Plan will make your phasing easier in the future, as your designer will have a general understanding of what you envision once all of the work has been completed. Phasing your landscape design in a planned way will help to curtail your losses in the end.


Milestone Landscaping


Entertaining your family, friends, and colleagues from the comforts of your backyard provides homeowners with an exciting opportunity to create the ultimate backyard party. However, when you plan ahead you can create your dream space well within your determined budget.


If you are considering transforming your landscape, contact the design experts at Milestone. Whether you know what you want or need a little inspiration, our team is here to help.







by Sejal Nagjee


Your backyard is the perfect place to throw a party. Whether you plan on throwing an intimate dinner party for a few close friends, or a large party for your colleagues and business associates, building your landscape for the ultimate backyard party is fun and exciting.


As the Founder and CEO of Milestone, I have compiled a few of my favorite landscape design tips for building the ultimate backyard party.


Plan Your Garden for Entertaining


Properly planned seating is essential to the success of any party. I always start my backyard design process by taking into account how many guests mt client will be entertaining on a recurring basis.


For example, are you planning on hosting more intimate events with 10-15 people, or will you be throwing larger events with 30-100 people? To accommodate your guests, you must consider where they will sit and relax during your event.



As you look around your landscape space, consider where you can incorporate seating areas. Depending on your needs, you can add seating near the dining area, bar area, outdoor kitchen or barbeque, or near the pool. Adding seating across all of these areas will really help your party to come alive.


Water, Fire, and Feature Walls to Create the Ultimate Backyard Party Space


There are few things in life I enjoy more than the soothing sounds of water. Water is the perfect way to create a relaxing and tranquil tone for your ultimate backyard party. Water features, such as fountains and water walls, create a peaceful ambiance for your backyard party while helping guests to unwind and rejuvenate.



In adding a custom water feature to your backyard landscape design, you don’t need to have any other decorative decor’ (unless you want to). A water feature combined with a fire feature will also work wonders for setting the tone for your backyard landscape design.



Firewalls, living walls, and other feature walls create an awe-inspiring backdrop for your backyard party. Not only do they look amazing, but they also serve as a great conversation starter for your party guests!


Light it Up


Lighting is a very important aspect for any backyard party. This is particularly true if you are hosting evening events. When you plan an efficient lighting scheme into your landscape design, you will not require additional lighting for future backyard parties. Not to mention, if you have to rely on your floodlights for evening events it will really spoil the mood of the party.



Mood lighting is not only effective for creating an ambiance, but it also serves to light up pathways during evening parties. If you plan on hosting backyard parties you will need to add mood lighting, feature lighting, functional lighting, and spotlighting. Cohesively, these lighting elements will work together to create a successful backyard party.


Plan Your Entertainment Area


When I throw a backyard party, I don’t simply want to host – I want to entertain! Consider where you plan on hosting and entertaining in your backyard space. Will you be entertaining in a seating area under your Pergola, next to your bar area, or around the outdoor dining area?



Once you determine where you will entertain, you want to ensure you add comfortable seating with pillows to entice your guests to relax and unwind. On the other hand, you don’t want to add too much seating for your space. The last thing you want is for your guests to be hampered by excess furniture or cluttered pathways.


Decorative Accents


Another important aspect for successful backyard parties is accessories. Think of these accessories as the icing on the cake of your landscape design. From ornate sculptures and decorative accents to living walls or a swing with plants, these accessories will place the finishing touch on your landscape design.


Milestone Dubai


Entertaining your family, friends, and colleagues from the comforts of your backyard provides homeowners with an exciting opportunity to create the ultimate backyard party. From smaller intimate gatherings to large corporate events, if you stick to my design tips you’ll be well on your way to creating the ultimate landscape design for successful entertaining.


If you are considering designing your backyard for the ultimate party, contact the design experts at Milestone. Whether you know what you want or need a little inspiration, my design team and I are here to help.




by Sejal Nagjee



Whether you are thinking about selling your home or want to create a more functional space, take a good look at your landscape design. Not only will a thoughtfully planned landscape design increase the value of your home, but it will also enhance your lifestyle with a functional outdoor space.



Here are a few of our favorite landscape design tips to set you on the path to enhancing your landscape and garden.


Ageless Landscape Design Ideas


When it comes to landscape design, there is no great loss for yearly trends. However, trends come and go. Not only will themed gardens lose their charm over time, but they may not appeal to the next person who buys the property.



As you consider your landscape design, think about what will work for you now and long into the future. Consider ageless designs that will remain functional and aesthetically appealing 10-15 years down the road.



Design your hardscapes in neutrally colored materials, injecting coloured with your greenery and flowering plants. Creating a simple and elegant usable design will help to increase the value of your home and appeal to a wider range of potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.


Create Designated Outdoor Spaces


Outdoor spaces provide a place for you to connect with nature while spending time with family and friends. It’s essential to design outdoor spaces that meet the needs of your lifestyle. However, keep in mind what would appeal to potential buyers.



Think of what you enjoy outdoors. Is it reading? Regardless of how large or small your backyard is, you can create distinct spaces for dining, relaxing, and entertaining. From outdoor kitchens and barbeques to designated seating areas and play areas, the right design will make the most of your space to enjoy long into the future.



Do you need a pool and a jacuzzi? Do you enjoy swimming? If the pool is not used, it only adds up to additional water bills and maintenance costs. It also takes away a large piece of land. So make it if you will use it regularly.


Shade Structures


As the temperatures increase throughout the year, you need to make sure you can enjoy your backyard even during the hot summer months. Custom made, high-quality shade structures will help to increase the value of your home.


Pergolas and gazebos not only create a designated space for your landscape design, they provide shade and relief from the heat and sun. Consider solid wooden or aluminum shade structures for outdoor kitchens, outdoor dining, barbeques, and seating areas. Not only will you enjoy these structures for years to come, but they will also appeal to future buyers.



Shade structures surely add a cozy feeling and allow lights, fan and music speakers to be used to create a nice corner. An elevation in design is of great use in lighting up adjoining grass areas and fill up a large empty space with light by using height to add directional spot lights.


Energy Efficient, Sustainable Design to Increase the Value of Your Home


Custom, energy-efficient, sustainable landscape lighting is an instant way to increase the value of your home. The latest advances in lighting technology and design allow all wiring to be placed underground, which significantly increases the aesthetics of your landscape design. Additionally, LED lighting options use less power, which equates to instant cost savings.



You can also increase the value of your home with automatic irrigation systems. With smart water systems, the timers or controllers use technology to automatically adjust your watering schedule to your weather, plant, and soil conditions. Your plants will receive the water they need when they need it. Not to mention, you’ll save money on your water bill when they don’t need it!


Alternatively, artificial grass is a great alternative to live greenery. Not only does it looks natural, but it also greatly reduces your water bill.


Keep it Simple


Like many other aspects in landscape design, less is more. Keep it simple and clean. The idea is to create a natural oasis to enjoy with your family and friends. If you stick to the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a landscape design that will increase the value of your home.


Use long lasting materials


Using outdoor porcelain tiles which is so close to natural stone and available in large sizes is a great choice for outdoors. It is now available with many suppliers including RAK Ceramics. Porcelain avoids quick weathering that happens in natural limestone, sandstone and travertine marble. Natural stone like brushed finish Travertine marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Flamed granite are always great so use them on entrance landing, steps and treads, small patio areas and use porcelain for a long lasting flooring option.



At Milestone, our team of designers will work with you to create your space home while increasing the value of your home. We take great pride in turning your visions into a reality to enjoy for years to come.


Contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation. Need a little inspiration? We’d love for you to stop by our show villa. Either way, we look forward to working with you.



by Sejal Nagjee





If you are looking for a way to increase the value of your home, enhancing your exterior lighting design is a great place to start! Exterior lighting will simultaneously enhance the curb appeal of your villa while adding value to your home. 





A well thought exterior lighting design will highlight the structural features of your home, to include pathways, water features, fire pits, herb garden, and more. Additionally, exterior lighting will help you define your exterior spaces, to include dining and seating areas.





Start with Underground Wiring


Completed during the preliminary design stages, you only have one chance to set the wiring. All of your wiring should be placed underground from the start of your project.


Underground wiring helps to preserve the natural beauty of your landscape design. Additionally, underground wiring will not be damaged by weather, wind, or other natural elements.




Together with your design team, you will determine the number of lights and number of circuits, as well as the load and placement of switches and automation. Correct planning of your exterior lighting will allow you and future owners to use your garden after the sun goes down. Most view at night is your own internal view as lakes and golf courses facing villas do not see them at all at night as they are not lit.



Light Up Your Garden & Increase the Value of Your Home


You’ve gone to great lengths to increase the value of your home with an extraordinary landscape design. However, your outdoor space is useless without proper lighting. Exterior lighting design will allow you and future owners to enjoy your backyard long after the sunsets.


Be sure to add light to highlight your landscape features, such as seating areas, bar and barbeque areas, and dining areas to enjoy these spaces under the stars. Use focus lights on water features and other garden features.




Lighting design can be used to turn your backyard into your personal resort. It can make your home look very glamorous, highlighting the architectural accents of your villa. Additionally, proper landscape lighting can enhance smaller gardens.


Highlight the View


Many people purchase properties for their stunning views. While you can use lighting to highlight your natural view, you can also create a view with exterior lighting! Using the proper lighting, homeowners can highlight their gazebos, pergolas, water features, sculptures, outdoor dining areas and much more. Feature trees like olive or palm trees are highlighted too.




Additionally, you can use exterior lighting to create a mood and ambiance, while including functional lighting for paths and security.


Invest in Energy Efficient Lighting


Custom, energy-efficient, sustainable landscape lighting is an instant way to increase the value of your home. The latest advances in lighting technology and design allow all wiring to be placed underground, which significantly increases the aesthetics of your landscape design. Additionally, LED lighting options use less power, which equates to instant savings on your energy bill.


You can also increase the value of your home with automatic exterior lighting. With smart lighting systems, the timers or controllers use technology to automatically control your lighting. Your backyard will be illuminated based on your needs.



At Milestone, our team of designers will work with you to create your space home while increasing the value of your home. We take great pride in turning your visions into a reality to enjoy for years to come.


Contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation. Need a little inspiration? We’d love for you to stop by our show villa. Either way, we look forward to working with you.












by Sejal Nagjee



If you live in an arid region where lush lawns are difficult to achieve, consider desert landscaping ideas with plant life and materials which work with your natural surroundings.



With a little help from the experts at Milestone, you can create a dynamic desert landscape design to turn your backyard into your personal oasis.





Create a Focal Point



Regardless of the size of your space, you want to create a focal point to work around. Showcase your favorite plants in a place where they are most likely to be viewed.





For example, you could position striking plants and large plant combinations to highlight your backyard entrance. You could also feature your plants around your pergola, gazebo, or outdoor dining area. Ultimately, place your plants where you’ll be able to enjoy them the most.





The key to desert landscape design is to incorporate plants that offer multi-season interest. Examples of plants that work well in a desert environment include:


  • A patch of Opuntia, also called a prickly pear cactus, offers seasonal color with flowers that bloom through spring.
  • The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, or China rose, flourishes in the sand with stunning red, or yellow flowers.  
  • A stunning Adenium, commonly called a Desert Rose, will inject a bold splash of red to your landscape.
  • A palm-tree like beaked yucca (Yucca rostrata) can inject a dramatic crowning touch to your outdoor space.


*For more plant ideas contact a Milestone landscape design expert.





Consider Scale



When it comes time to select your landscape elements, the shrubs, rocks, trees, and flowering plants in your yard should complement each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean every design element should be the exact same size. However, as you plan your desert landscape design, scale should be your guide.





For example, a ring of shrubs positioned around larger desert grasses or flowering plants will create emphasis and density. Larger rocks and boulders can serve as walls or be used to define a specific space (i.e. a path or outdoor dining area).





Using a large Olive tree as a focal point in a raised planter box could prove very interesting. The thick trunk and form of the Olive tree is absolutely amazing.





Using a large tree of height 3 – 4 meters that is mature like, Cassia Fistula, Cassia Javanica, Bauhinia, Delonix Regia will create a great ambiance over time. Lighting up the tree with hanging bulbs will certainly create a feature!



Consider Your Colors



When it comes to desert landscape design, selecting the right colors is essential to creating a harmonious space. Colors should be introduced into your landscape design strategically.






Warm yellow, purple, green and red succulents create excellent focal points in any backyard garden design.







Additionally, these versatile, drought-resistant plants can be potted or planted directly into the ground. You can even add them to a living wall for a pop of color.







You can also add color to your desert landscape design with natural rocks, or by incorporating colorful furniture and art into your design.





Use of crushed or polished pebbles and planting fewer plants could enhance the desert theme further.



Desert Landscape Design with a Minimalist Twist



A few well-placed drought-resistant plants can do wonders for your landscape design. Derived from the Greek xeros meaning dry the term means literally dry landscapexeriscaping is the art of combining minimalist vegetation with a simple, yet attractive natural foundations (usually pebbles or rocks). This intriguing landscape design form is a popular way to landscape backyards in arid regions.





However, just because you’re opting for minimal plantings, does not mean you can’t get creative! Consider including some unique rock formations, eclectic pottery, or a natural sculpture, such as a skull to create a creative, artistic appeal with intrigue.





If you prefer a desert landscape design with a bit more depth, consider adding a pond or custom water feature. A lovely pond, with a waterfall feature will help the water of the pond to circulate, and the mirror-like surface will reflect the stunning sunrises and sunsets for an added experience.







Here at Milestone, our design team wants you to love every inch of your backyard. We encourage you to visit our show villa or to contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation.



Together, we can transform your backyard into your personal oasis.





by Sejal Nagjee



As the temperatures become more pleasant, we all look forward to enjoying more time outside. Adding the element of fire (fire pits) into your landscape design is a great way to add the finishing touch to your backyard design.


Not to mention, research indicates that the crackling sounds and sights of fire create a relaxation response that’s linked to an evolutionary adaptation dating back to early man!


Whether you are dining under the stars or simply looking to relax with family and friends, fire pit design is ideal for taking your backyard to the next level. Outdoor fire features come in many styles and sizes, and with a little help from the experts at Milestone, we can create the perfect fire pit, fire pot or fireline to light up your backyard entertaining.





Fire as a Feng Shui element is often used to enhance fame areas.



Modern Fire Pit Design



A modern outdoor firepit design works in any setting. A classic concrete or stone pit is designed to keep your fire contained safely while providing a focal point for entertaining.





A ready-made fire pit with a table is also widely used. These are available in La Veranda Home&Garden in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. This table acts as a fire pit when in use and otherwise can be used as a coffee table.





If possible, consider placing your fire pit design in a nook or corner of your backyard. Add the right furniture and a few small tables for guests to place their drinks, and you’ve created a beautiful little space for entertaining.





Fire pits are often used in sunken seating areas or in the middle of the seating whilst you entertain.



Create a Separate Space



If you love to entertain in your backyard, creating a separate space for your firepit is a great way to keep things cozy and intimate.





For example, a fire pit on a separate patio or under you pergola creates a space designed for relaxing around the fire. This space allows your guests to connect with one another in an area designated for relaxation and entertaining.



Sunken seating Fire Pot



When it comes to your fire pot or fire line design, get creative and think outside of the box. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an outdoor fire pit or firewall to be set into the ground.





If your space allows it, consider creating a drop-down deck with a seating area around the fireplace. Here you can feature a traditional above-ground fire table, or design a unique fire pot directly in the ground.





Enhance the View with Fire Pit Design



Typically, outdoor fire pit or fire line design focuses on creating a focal point around the fire table so that everyone feels like they’re part of the group. However, you may have an amazing view in your backyard. Not to fret, you can use your fire pot design to take your view to the next level of breath talking.






A semi-circle outdoor fireplace is perfect for highlighting a great view or skyline at dusk. With the right seating arrangement, guests can enjoy the entrancing flicker of the flames as the temperatures begin to dip after sunset.





Fire on the Floor



Again, try to think outside of the lanes of traditional fire pits. Instead, consider a fire line design that sits right into the floor of your sunken area. Just be sure to keep your seating area a safe distance from the open flames.





Having the firepit set directly into the ground is a creative idea and a unique way to add an intimate focal point to your space.



Fire and Water



An outdoor fire feature is the perfect element to accent your pool. While most gas fire tables use gray or black rocks in their design, you can add beautiful blue rocks to balance the color of the pool water.





Our design experts can also incorporate elements of water in the space where you design your fire feature. Whether it’s a lovely pond, custom water feature, or soothing water wall, combining the elements of fire and water create an amazing aesthetic.



Add a Flaming Backdrop



An outdoor fireplace doesn’t necessarily need to be the focal point of your backyard space. Rather than gathering around your firepit, consider a firewall in the backdrop.





As the fire burns quietly, it will create a relaxing mood while simultaneously keeping the focus on family and friends.



Sophisticated Planika Fire Pots



A sleek black planika fire pit, commonly referred to as a fire table, is sure to add a level of sophistication to your backyard. Crafted to contain the fire, the surrounding area also reflects the light from the fire, creating a stunning ambiance.





A ready-made planika fire pot is a unique outdoor fire feature that is sure to lighten up your garden and landscape design. These modern fireplaces provide a unique element of fire to highlight your outdoor seating area to create the perfect space for outdoor entertaining.



Milestone Interior and Landscape Designs



Regardless of the size of your backyard, a custom fire pit, fire line, or readymade planika fire pot is guaranteed to enhance your space, improve your entertaining area, and keep the conversation going after sundown.





Here at Milestone, our design team wants you to feel comfortable in your home. We encourage you to visit our show villa or to contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation.


by Sejal Nagjee


In pergola design plans, a pergola forms a shaded area, a passage, sitting areas, or a walkway on vertical posts, which support horizontal beams that can be accented with garden plants or with wood shades.





Whether freestanding or built off an existing structure, pergolas provide an exceptional way to add structure, shape, function, and beauty to your yard. Additionally, these pergola design ideas offer helpful tips and tricks of the trade to enhance your outdoor space.



Work with Your Existing Landscape



When considering your pergola design, take a good look at your existing landscape design. Oftentimes, there’s a natural spot in your backyard for a pergola. However, don’t let your existing landscape elements deter you from adding a pergola to your yard.





The flexibility of pergola design enables modifications to best fit your needs and requirements. For example, an existing tree provides natural shade.





The versatility of pergola design allows for a pergola’s roof to be built around an existing tree (when necessary).





Alternatively, if you’re short on square footage, you can build your pergola off of an existing structure.


Pergola Design as a Transition



Some pergola designs inject both a decorative and functional design for your space. For example, when you build off of your existing villa, you can accentuate the architectural design elements of your home.





Consider adding textural materials on the exterior repeat of your pergola design to offers a welcoming, softening the transition between your villa and deck areas. You can also design your pergola transition between spaces in your landscape (i.e., between your pool area and outside living area, etc.).






Pergolas are also a great way to ease the transition from your home to other hardscape amenities, such as a pool and outdoor kitchen. Depending on your space, you can set the pergola’s roof boards as needed to shield the sun.





Create a Designated Space



While a pergola can be designed to stand alone, it also works well with other outdoor structures, such as a deck or patio. Depending on where you place your pergola, it can also help designate the various zones in your yard, such as a seating area or walkway.





Cramped for space? Not to worry. Even a small pergola design can help to accent a home’s patio, providing an intriguing backdrop, while creating the feeling of a separate space. Regardless of the size, a pergola is ideal for an outdoor seating area, dining area, or even by your pool.





Pergolas are a natural fit and integrate well with other outdoor living amenities. Depending on your pergola design, the large beams of can blend with the bulky structure of the stucco fireplace.






Create a Focal Point



A pergola is versatile. You can design your pergola in a range of structures. Whether you want to create a charming and cheerful seating structure, add a focal point to your garden, or draw attention to a specific area of your yard – the right pergola design will help!





Although space and budget play a role in your pergola design, in general, the “rules” of pergola design are adaptable. For example, you can play with multiple heights in a pergola’s ceiling to add visual interest or add columns to create a more formal look. The choices are limitless!





When designing a pergola, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Start today by contacting a member of the Milestone design to discuss your pergola design needs.  


by Sejal Nagjee


Partnering with the right landscape design team for your project requires careful consideration. After all, the design stage of the landscaping process influences every consequent step.


Additionally, hiring the wrong landscape design team can cost you time, and money. Not to mention, headaches and stress. Luckily, you are not alone!





Whether you’re looking for a complete landscape overhaul or a simple garden design, the expert landscape design team at Milestone is here to help.


Here are a few tips to help you avoid landscaping woes during your next project by partnering with the right landscape design team from the start!



Landscape Design Starts with Relationships



The best landscape design projects begin with a great partnership between the design team and the client. First and foremost, you need to like your design team. Secondly, you’ll be spending a great deal of time with your landscape designer and their team.





Landscape designers aren’t mind readers. You need to tell them what you have in mind for your project, as well as your project budget. It’s important that you tell your landscape designer what you like, what you desire, and what you need from your landscape design.



Experience and Examples



You wouldn’t hire a doctor without knowing how experienced they are. Why would you hire a landscape design team without knowing their experience? What sort of experience does your landscape team have? Are they licensed and bonded? Be sure to check their certifications and professional affiliations.





Before you hire a landscape designer, ask to see examples of their previous projects. Additionally, ask for a list of references. While many reputable companies cannot give references of their entire client list (due to confidentiality agreements), most should be able to provide a few project testimonials.



Regulations and Building Codes



Before you enter into a landscape design contract, be sure your potential designer understands local zoning regulations and building codes. They should also be able to find out what (if any) homeowner association rules apply to your property.


For example, what are the local requirements for how close to the property line you can landscape? How high can you build a pergola? The last thing you want is to hire a team that does not understand local building laws and regulations. Correcting errors means extra time and money for you.



Know Who Will Supervise Your Project



It’s important to know who you will be working with once your landscape project is underway. Larger companies, with several crews and supervisors, often require several project managers. Depending on the size of your design, your project may be assigned one or more supervisors and several crew teams.





Regardless, you should know who to direct your questions and concerns to from the start of your project. The last thing you want during your potential time of need is to be scrambling for answers.



Milestone Landscape Design



At Milestone, we base our landscape designs on the individuality of each client and the unique quality of every site and every home. From the start, we view our relationship with our clients as a true partnership.


We want to fully grasp your perspective, to allow us to focus on meeting all the objectives of your project. We will not stop until we deliver the space you desire.


Our landscape designers will take the time to listen to your needs, wants, desires, vision, and dreams. After all, this is your space!







If you’re interested in learning more about we can take your landscape design to the next level, contact a member of our team for your free design consultation.



by Sejal Nagjee


Most famous in the countrysides and seasides of Greece, Italy, and France, Mediterranean landscape design has influenced landscapists all over the world.


With their soft colors, brightly patterned tiles, clipped hedges, and gravel paths – it’s an inspiration to design The informal and drought-tolerant plants make Mediterranean landscape design the perfect option for your UAE landscape.





Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, generally low maintenance, and water-wise, you can easily achieve a Mediterranean landscape design with a little help from the experts at Milestone.




Shaded Seating Areas



A key component to achieving an authentic Mediterranean landscape design is establishing defined seating areas. The UAE climate is so hot that outdoor seating areas are a must!


Shaded seating areas provide a place to unwind from the heat of the treacherous sun. They offer a relaxing place to enjoy a cup of tea early morning or a place to enjoy the sounds of the night once the sun sets. However, the key to outside seating is shade.







Pergolas provide the perfect shade structure to ensure your seating area is protected from the direct sunlight. Additionally, pergolas provide a lovely decorative accent for your backyard. You can accent your pergola with climbing plants.


For example, Jasmine or Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis Indica) is a drought-resistant plant, which blooms with perfumed flowers in the spring.






There are few better ways to celebrate the Mediterranean culture than by dining al fresco with family and friends. Your shaded area is also the perfect place to establish an outdoor dining area.




Gravel Pathways, Pebbles and Cobblestone



Another key element associated with Mediterranean landscape design is gravel pathways and flooring. In Mediterranean areas, property owners have long grappled with too little water for their plants. As such, they have replaced green with more drought-friendly options.







Mediterranean landscape design often replaces grass with paving, stone slabs, gravel, pebbles, cobblestones, or a combination of these natural elements. The creative experts at Milestone can weave cobblestones and pebbles into intricate designs.


Pebble mosaics were the earliest types of mosaic in all areas of the Eastern Mediterranean. These stunning designs have a rich history that dates back to ancient times.






Not only do these stone accents look fantastic, but it also significantly reduces the need for water. Additionally, gravel and other stone elements are low maintenance and long-lasting.




Custom Water Features



Are you considering an ornamental pond, custom fountain, water wall, or full-scale pool? Water features are a must in Mediterranean landscape design to cool the hot summer air. The soothing sounds and gleam of rushing water add a delightful element to any backyard.






Regardless of which water feature you choose, the sounds and sights of water provide an enjoyable relief on hot summer days. Moreover, the birds and butterflies will enjoy your water features too!




Mediterranean Landscape Design Plants



One of the great appeals to a Mediterranean landscape design within the Middle East lies in the beautiful drought-resistant plants.


From attractive succulents and flowering plants, you simply can’t go wrong with the stunning appeal of Mediterranean inspired plants.


Think agaves with their beauty. Jasmine plants with their serene white fragrant scented flowers. Or, yucca plants with their large leaves and creamy white flowers.






Clipped hedges are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also add to your garden’s architectural framework.


Tecoma stans, Nerium Oleander, Murraya Paniculata, Thevetia are some of the more common hedges used on Mediterranean landscape design. Very versatile, this evergreen offers height and an element of dramatic flair to your garden.


Additionally, hedges can be added to your garden. These drought-resistant plants offer a year-round element of greenery that also doubles as a privacy fence.






Milestone Landscaping



Because of the ideal climate, the people of the Mediterranean lead an outdoor lifestyle. For hundreds of years, they have been gardening, socializing, and dining outdoors. If you are looking to add an element of the Mediterranean to your backyard, you’ve come to the right place.







Contact a member of our team for your landscape design consultation today! We look forward to bringing your vision to life.




by Sejal Nagjee


You placed significant time, effort, and investment into making your villa and landscape look amazing. So why should all of that disappear into the night?


With well-planned lighting system, manual or automated, strategically placed landscape lighting to light up the villa facade, pool features, trees and walls, you can illuminate the darkness to enjoy your yard long after the sun goes down.







When properly designed, landscape lighting makes your yard functional after sundown. Additionally, landscape lighting can be positioned to highlight specific areas of your yard, such as your home’s architectural features or drawing attention to prized plantings and trees.








Understand the Purpose for Your Landscape Lighting



Before you invest in any landscape lighting, understand the specific purpose of your lighting from your landscape designer. What’s the purpose of lighting up your backyard?


Perhaps you want to create a soft, cozy mood during the evening hours for intimate dinner parties. Maybe you have shadowy center areas, a water feature, dining and bar area or pathway you want to highlight.







Beyond setting a specific tone or atmosphere, consider the safety of your property after the sun goes down. Do you need to light up a path leading through your yard or a staircase for safe walking? Perhaps you want motion detectors for the evening hours?


Regardless of the reason, before you start to design your landscape lighting, it’s always best to know what you desire for your backyard.


Whether indoors or outdoors, lighting is typically divided into three layers based on function.



  • Overall – overall lighting provides light for an entire room or space.







  • Task – task lighting is used for a specific purpose, such as to light a path.







  • Accent – accent lighting draws attention to an object or area, such as a water feature or garden sculpture.







Less is More



When it comes to setting up your landscape lighting, remember that less is always more. It’s best to install fewer lights, which highlight the beauty and appeal of your yard.


Placing fewer lights in the right positions will also keep your yard intriguing. From pathway lights and accent lights to directional spotlights and concealed led strip lighting, you can keep it simple while keeping your backyard engaging.







Too much light, or poorly installed landscape lighting, can create unwanted light pollution. Light pollution is light that shines into an area where it is undesirable.


You do not want your lighting to shine into an indoor room, to wash out the view of the stars, to create a glare that bothers your guests, or wastes energy.




Schedule a Professional Design Consultation



You know what type of landscape lighting you want. You know what you will use your lighting for.


Now comes the hard part – bringing your plan to life. It’s always best to schedule a professional design consultation to execute your plan. When you contact the experts at Milestone, they will help you create a visual sketch of your yard.







Typically, design sketches include the existing buildings, benches, water features, outdoor dining areas, existing greenery, as well as the lights you want to add to your landscape.


It’s important to consider the various elements of your existing landscape design, as these items will reflect or absorb light.







With a little help from the design experts at Milestone, you can add the finishing touch to your exterior spaces with well-planned outdoor landscape lighting.



Contact a member of our team to schedule your free landscape lighting consultation today!



by Sejal Nagjee


A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard addition. With the right pool design in your backyard, your pool can become the center of family life.


Whether it’s a barbecue by water or your children spending their day splashing away the heat, a swimming pool is a stunning, fun addition to your backyard.





A stunning swimming pool is not only fun and functional but also a strong visual focal point for your landscape.


Additionally, when pools include unique lighting, water features, stone accents and other stunning design features, your swimming pool can create a powerful influence on your outdoor living space.


Here are a few tips to create the perfect pool design.



Create a Recessed Lounge Area


Talk about an attention-grabbing addition to your pool design! In fact, a recessed lounge area lets your guests sit in the pool without getting wet.





This unique pool design feature lets you add a recessed seating area “inside” the pool so your guests can enjoy their pool even if they don’t want to get wet.



Pool Design with a View


If you have an amazing view, you need to make the most of it. Whenever possible, your pool design should take advantage of your view.


Consider adding steps to a raised seating area to allow your friends and family to enjoy the stunning views.


Not only will your friends and family be able to enjoy the fresh water, but they will also thank you for the view.





Nighttime Appeal


There is nothing quite like swimming under a starry sky. With the proper lighting, you can create an entire ambience dedicated to your nighttime dinners and entertaining. LED multicolored lights add enhanced color to the nighttime feel.





Consider adding a stone fireplace or firewall next to your pool for an additional natural element to take your pool design to the next level.





Cascading Waterfalls and Water Features


Adding water features to your swimming pool adds both elegance and excitement to your custom pool. Your choices of water features are endless. In fact, your choices are limited only by your imagination.






Very few things enhance the fun and excitement of your pool design like a custom water feature. With the right water feature, you inject new sounds, sights and excitement to your pool design.





From cascading waterfalls and pool gushers to swimming pool scuppers, natural rock walls, and stunning grottos, a custom water feature will take your pool design to the next level.



Natural Surroundings


When planning your pool design, it’s important to consider all the factors that may impact how your pool interacts with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, natural plants and greenery will enhance your pool design.





Adding natural rocks, beautiful flowering plants, and lush greenery will enhance your pool design. These natural elements will also help your pool to seamlessly blend in with your landscape to create a stunning, fluid outdoor space.



Zero-Edge Infinity Pools


When you are inside an infinity pool, the water appears to go over the edge,  disappearing into the landscape. With an infinity pool, you don’t feel the traditional boundaries of a swimming pool.






You can even add custom glass tiles to surround the entire raised exterior of the pool. This added touch will enhance the visual effects of your zero-edge pool design. Not to mention, an infinity pool adds a dramatic element to any backyard.






When it comes to creating a custom pool design, the design experts at Milestone have the experience and professional design tools to create a one of a kind swimming pool to take your backyard to the next level.



Contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation.



by Sejal Nagjee


Forget the clutter. Modern landscape design is known for a clean, minimalist look. A naturalistic landscape design emphasizes wavy borders and free-ranging plantlife.





In contrast, a modern landscape emphasizes geometric shapes and straight lines. Modern design elements are meant to reflect and relate to the surrounding architecture.


One of the key ways to know if your modern designs are successful is when every element in the landscape is imperative. Even so, when you get rid of the clutter, the simple beauty and sleek, sophisticated style of modern design shines through.


Here are a few tips to set you on the path to creating the sleek, clean, modern design landscape you have been dreaming of.



The Importance of Geometric Shapes in Modern Landscape Design


Let’s get geometric! When designing your modern landscape, think triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles. Not only are all of these shapes key pieces in modern landscape design, but they also look fantastic.


Aside from adding a clean-lined modern look, these geometric shapes allow you to create defined areas in your garden.





For example, a straight-lined stone path can lead you to an outdoor seating area. You can further define this area by adding a squared boxwood enclosure. Consider circular stepping stones leading to an outdoor pool area, or perfectly placed sculptural accents.




Geometry goes beyond ground cover and stones. You can also use it in the plants you add to your modern landscape design. Additionally, concrete and gravel are hallmarks of modern design.


Consider pavers with alternating lengths to create interesting movement within your space. The possibilities are endless.



Manicured Gardens


Inside a modern villa, everything has its place. Clean lines dominate, and clutter is strictly forbidden. These same design concepts should be applied to create a modern landscape design.





Unlike a traditional English garden, where it’s elegant to let plants roam free and wild, a modern landscape is very controlled. For example, the modern garden design includes clean lines, and minimal manicured plants, with every element distinctly placed.




Choosing the Right Plants


Plants in a modern landscape are manicured and clearly defined in tidy spaces to create the pristine look most other landscape designs fail to achieve. Additionally, modern landscape design uses symmetrical rows of grasses and shrubs to create a sleek appearance.




It’s best to choose plants that are open to pruning. Here are a few modern garden plants to consider:


  • Ficus Bonsai, Boxwood and shaped plants
  • Ground cover plants like Carissa, Rheo, Wadelia
  • Hedges like Bamboo, Thivetia, Jetropha, Caecilpinia, Murraya jasmine
  • Bushes like Sesevaria, Leucophyllum, Ixora, Jasmine sambac,
  • Succulents and Cactus
  • Reeds and grasses like Cyperus, Pennisetum Rubrum, Pandanus, Haemaenocalis


Japanese boxwood is a modern landscape design favorite because it can be clipped and manipulated into different shapes. However, soft-textured plants, spiky plants, and any plant with a bold visual impact can create the right effect for modern landscape.



Stone and Ground Cover to Shape Your Garden


Stone and ground cover are essential tools to create a modern landscape design. These items can be used to divide your landscape into areas. Additionally, they lead the eye from one section of your landscape to another.


Consider a low strip of planted ground cover Carissa to create a modern border around a garden pathway or pond. What’s more, concrete can be used to create a squared path to a pool. However, these accents don’t necessarily have to lead you somewhere.





Instead, you can use these elements as visual tools to pull your design elements together.



Add a Touch of Zen


Many modern landscape designs include zen elements. Including a square sand garden with a few well-placed rocks is the perfect modern element to enhance your landscape design.


Not to mention, it’s a unique focal point for your space. Rake lines into the sand garden, swirling them around your stones. This will create a soothing and modern landscape design element.





As you can see, a modern landscape design includes many distinct elements. If you remember to include clean lines, stone paths, lots of geometry, and distinct borders, you’ll be on the right path to creating a modern outdoor space.






Need a little help? Contact the design team at Milestone to schedule your free consultation.


by Sejal Nagjee 


Planning a garden in limited square footage, like a terrace or balcony, can be challenging.


Not only can it be difficult to come up with imaginative ideas to create a fantastic balcony garden, but also it’s difficult to execute your ideas within the tight confines of a small area.



However, you can take advantage of the opportunity to create a terrace garden masterpiece right in the comforts of your cosy balcony.


If you are limited to a balcony garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t be original to create a unique outdoor space. Here are a few ideas to inspire you!



Think Beyond the Tiles

When you are designing a balcony garden in a small space, skip the tiles. Instead, consider adding a simple floor with a decorative rug.


You can also get creative and add an artificial green carpet or turf rug to imitate the look of a lush lawn.



If artificial turf isn’t your style, you can also apply wooden tiles for a natural look.


On one hand, artificial turf provides the illusion of a vivacious green lawn. On the other hand, there is something to be said about the rustic element of natural wood.


Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.



Potted Plants and Flowers

Rather than placing large pots in every square inch of floor, the design experts at Milestone suggest creating a display of various potted plants in one small area.



Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different size pots and various heights to add dimension.


You can even refurbish household items such as watering cans or decorative vases for an original take on the traditional pot.



Hanging Baskets are a Must for Balcony Gardens

When it comes to balcony gardens, hanging baskets are a great way to add a wide variety of plants while saving space.


Wonderfully-designed hanging baskets allow you to add plants at higher levels. Not only do they look amazing but they also lend the illusion of more space.



Hanging baskets are simple, yet they create a striking impact without consuming all of your balcony garden space.


They offer a great alternative to add texture and colour to your balcony garden while maximising your space.



Not to mention, several herbs, vegetables, and flowers thrive in hanging pots.

Just be sure to hang your plants at a height that makes them easy to water and maintain.


And don’t forget your terrace railings. Consider installing hanging flower boxes on the outside of your balcony railings to create more space for lush plants.



Think Vertical Walls

A vertical green wall is a perfect way to enhance your balcony garden. If you space permits, consider creating a small structure for support or install a trellis for climbing plants.



Lush vertical gardens are an excellent way to maximise the space of your balcony garden.



Think Outside of the Box

If hanging baskets and potted plants aren’t really your cup of tea, there are plenty of other exciting and imaginative ways to decorate your balcony garden.


Think custom water features, decorative sculptures, or mini rock gardens. Not only does this inject your personal taste to your balcony, but also makes your terrace garden more welcoming.


If you can dream it, we can design it!



If your terrace space permits it, place a small table with two chairs for a cosy seating area.


Not only will this little area be the perfect place to sip your tea on a warm afternoon, but also it creates the perfect place to take in some fresh air before you start your day.


You can even get creative. Consider refurbishing an old shelf or bookcase against the outside wall.


This is a great way to showcase your potted plants and other favourite garden decors. The possibilities are endless.




Milestone Gardens & Interiors

Designing and planning a balcony garden can be challenging.


Not to worry, the experts at Milestone are here to help. From small terrace gardens to complete landscape overhauls, we know landscape design.



Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little inspiration, our team has the experience and knowledge to make the most of your terrace.


Together we will transform your balcony garden into your dream space! Contact a member of our design team to schedule your free design consultations.



by Sejal Nagjee 


Green walls are becoming more popular in both villas and offices. Their attention-grabbing allure and eco-friendly appeal create an exceptional design accent for businesses and homes alike.


Not to mention, green walls full of lush plants create a warm and inviting environment for both staff and clients.


Here’s everything you need to know about green walls. We’ve also included a few design ideas to provide a little inspiration for your space!



What are Green Walls?

Green walls are exactly what they sound like. They are walls covered with green plants and flowers.


Also called living walls or vertical gardens, green walls include all the materials needed to help your plants thrive, including soil, custom lighting and an irrigation system.


You can design your living wall for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Living walls create a stunning, eco-friendly work of art to enhance any area with plant life.


Additionally, living walls have many other added benefits.



The Benefits of a Green Wall

From green walls to interior gardens, the benefits of working and living in a space surrounded by plant life are vast.


In fact, in a study completed by the New University of Technology Sydney, plants were added to offices for a three-month period.


The research showed employees with plants in their workspace experienced a 30-60% reduction in stress levels.


Not only do green walls reduce stress and increase happiness, but they also can improve a person’s overall health and wellness.


Restaurants, hotels, and offices that include living walls enjoy a wide range of benefits.


  • Green walls create a warm and calm space for staff and clients. Furthermore, adding plant life to indoor spaces improves visual appeal.
  • Living walls create a lovely, eco-friendly accent guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
  • Plants improve air quality. In fact, the presence of plants improves air quality by filtering toxins and removing harmful particles from the air.
  • Living walls create a natural noise barrier.
  • Plants are proven to increase health and wellness. In fact, green plants and flowers make people healthier, more productive, and happier.



Don’t Forget the Water Features

Green walls can also include custom water features. Living walls are the perfect place to create a focal point with a soothing fountain or custom water feature.


Green walls with waterfalls and water features have the double benefit of injecting the soothing sights and sounds of water in your space.


In fact, living walls coupled with water walls add to the unique visual appeal of bringing elements of the outdoors into your interior design.



Milestone Gardens & Interiors

At Milestone Gardens and Interiors, our design team plans and builds custom living walls for interior and exteriors.


Whether you desire a traditional green wall, wish to create a living wall in a unique space or want to get creative with wrap around corners, the options for adding plant life to your space are endless.


Contact a member of our team to schedule your free design consultation.




Create a low-cost garden

I am often asked: “How do we save costs on our landscaping?” A smart way of approaching this is by thinking about reducing long-term expenses, even if this means that the initial costs of your garden might be higher. A good approach to designing a low-maintenance, low-cost garden is a combination of hardscape and softscape. The garden can be 70 per cent hardscape (water features and paving, for example) and 30 per cent softscape (plants and trees). Flamed granite, which is sturdy and not very porous, can be used for tiling and will last for years; slate and porcelain are also good options. Keep trees and plants to a minimum. If you want a lawn, consider artificial turf – some varieties look natural and help save on water. Install an automatic or subsurface irrigation system, which is eco-friendly because it returns water to the soil. Don’t forget to add a barbecue grill, comfortable seating, and spike or pole lights. Remember: LED lights might cost more initially but consume less electricity. Make your garden an extension of the home – which the whole family can enjoy.

* Sejal Nagjee, founder of
Milestone Gardens & Interiors,



Utilising feature lighting in the garden

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) Choose the correct light for each element in your garden, e.g. spotlights for plants/trees, underwater lights for water features and so on.
2) Save power, energy and money by installing solar and LED lights, which use lower power, instead of halogen lights.
3) When buying lights, think lumen not watts. Lumen tells how bright a lighting fixture is. The brightness you need may vary according to where you install it.
4) Pick the right voltage for the area where you need the lights, e.g. lights lower than 12V are safe for water features, or plants and trees near water.
5) Distance matters. Maintain a 2.5 to 3-metre distance when lighting plants. Pathways can be lit every 2 to 3 metres.Spotlights need to be at least 50 centimetres away.



How to keep water features in tip-top shape

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) When building a water feature (pond, fountain, waterfall, pool), make sure you have a drainage system in place to make cleaning much easier.
2) Ideally, you should clean the water feature every 10 days to avoid algae from forming. Cleaning means replacing the water, removing leaves or reverse osmosis.
3) For pools, ensure to check its pH and chlorine levels to kill diseasecausing elements and maintain cleanliness.
4) Install the correct mechanical system for your water feature. Use filters, pumps and chlorine-dosing units if necessary.
5) Fountains and waterfalls add character to any outdoor space; thus, it is best to keep them running all the time. Not doing so can leave the area dirty, which can clog the pumps.



Choosing the right layout for your garden
By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1) Different communities in the UAE have different styles of villas. When doing the landscaping, ensure that the design matches the architecture of the villa.
2) Create an easy path to walk around the villa. Refrain from making narrow pathways. Connect spaces to create a harmonious flow.
3) Be certain of useful areas. How would you like to use your space? How do you party? How many people attend those parties? Answering all these allows you to create spaces with apt dimensions.
4) Leave the right width for planting. Due to boundary footings, plant your trees 1 metre away from boundary walls. Tall shrubs and small shrubs can be planted closer.
5) The entertainment area needs to connect to your home so create easy access. For example, put your barbecue closer to the kitchen.



Renovating bathrooms cost effectively

By Sejal Nagjee
CEO, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors

1)  Use the same inlet, drain, floor traps, shower mixer inlets and water closet sewerage pipes in the same location to avoid core drilling and moving of plumbing pipelines.
2)  Ensure waterproofing is done on the floor and walls, and in the shower and sink areas. You may not include walls with no plumbing.
3)  Most think marble, granite and backlit onyx make a bathroom look high-end. Try porcelain and ceramic in matte finish. The right combination is more glamorous than marble.

4)  Play around with your budget when picking fixtures. You may use expensive brands for the water closet, shower and sink, but choose mid-range brands for accessories.
5)  You do not need to fully tile the walls. Use paint on spaces that do not come in touch with water. This allows you to hang nice paintings.



The weather is already starting to get hotter but I’m not ready to abandon my garden yet! Are there any ways I can “extend the season” and stay outdoors a few weeks longer? Edna, 29

If you do not have a shade structure like a pergola or gazebo that can have fans, build one. Having a fan can make a big difference and shade structures will reduce the heat (keeping in mind that your shade structure should be completely water-proof and sun-proof). Consider installing a moveable misting fan or even a misting line to cool off your seating area (though the former would require an inlet for water). And if you have a pool, set the pump to maintain a temperature of 28˚ to 30˚C.


I’ve recently discovered that slugs are eating my flowers. How can I get rid of these nasty little pests? Amal, 45


Surprisingly, you  don’t necessarily need to visit a garden centre for a solution. Try these chemical-free tricks: Every night for two weeks, fill jar lids with beer and place them at the base of affected plants. Slugs are attracted to the smell, and once they drink it they will die. Just be sure to empty the lids of both the beer and the slugs every morning! Budweiser has been found to be the most effective beer brand to use, but Kingsbury Malt Beverage, a non-alcoholic brew, also has great results. You can also go the direct route and simply pour salt on them; it will dehydrate and kill them quickly.




Vertical gardens are taking root in locations across the world.


In fact, this eco-friendly and versatile concept is reaching new heights as we literally look up for new gardening opportunities.



Green wall gardens are a system of panels that hold plants onto a fixed or freestanding wall.


Also called living walls or green walls, these eco-friendly gardens create a lush, beautiful work of art that’s great for the environment and your landscape design.


The History of Vertical Gardens


In recent years, green walls have become more popular.


However, living walls are not new. In fact, they trace their history back to the hanging gardens of Babylon.




The modern history of living walls is not well-documented. However, the record shows that in 1938 Professor Stanley Hart White, at the University of Illinois, patented the modern vertical garden.


Additionally, Patrick Blanc worked with architect Adrien Fainsilber and engineer Peter Rice to introduce the first vertical garden in 1986 in Paris.



Interior and Exterior Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens provide the perfect alternative to add a beautiful green garden to your landscape.


In fact, they even work when you are short on space. The initial appeal to green walls focused on urban gardening (as traditional garden space in these areas is cramped).


However, in recent years the appeal of vertical gardens is drawing interest from gardeners outside urban areas.





In addition to adding stunning visual appeal to your space, other benefits of living walls include:


  • Lowering the temperature of buildings.
  • Increased air filtration and air quality.
  • Protecting building materials such as concrete and brick from extreme temperatures.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Adding color and a unique decorative accent to your space.
  • Creating a lovely garden in harsh, dry or very hot climates.
  • Creating a garden in an area lacking the space for a traditional garden.



Versatile Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens can be used indoors for homes and businesses.


Additionally, green walls add color and a distinct element to lobbies, conference rooms, hallways and reception areas. They also add a lovely living accent to your home.





Interior vertical gardens provide all of the benefits of adding plants to buildings.


In fact, according to a scientific study conducted by Dr Chris Knight, of Exeter University, employees are 15% more productive when their work environments include plant life.


Not only do green walls look fantastic, but vertical gardens can help improve creativity, reduce absenteeism and other workplace concerns.



Can Vertical Gardens Feature Custom Designs?


Depending on the amount of space you’re working with, there are several options to choose from.


You can build vertical gardens indoors or outside. They can be freestanding or attached to an existing wall.


Best of all, they come in a wide range of sizes. Green walls can be made to meet the requirements of your floor plan and square footage.





At Milestone, our landscape design team can design, plan, and build a vertical garden to enhance your exterior landscape or your interior decor.


Regardless of the amount of space you are working with, vertical gardens offer a great alternative to add a unique lush accent to your space.


Contact the experts at Milestone for your free design consultation. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.




If your current landscape design could speak, what would it say?


Perhaps it would ask for more greenery?


Maybe it would ask for a dedicated pergola to host your family and friends? Or perhaps it would ask for a living area for you to relax while your children laugh in their new play area?



Whether you have a backyard you want to redesign or you need help with your landscape design from the ground up, the experts at Milestone are ready to help.


Here are a few tips to get you started on the path to inspiration for your upcoming landscape design project.



Dress Up Your Deck

Make your deck a destination for entertaining by creating different zones within the space.


Depending on the layout of your yard, you can create multiple levels to carve out areas dedicated to dining, relaxing, and even cooking.


Moreover, this space will serve as an extension of your interior design.



Your outdoor retreat will feel more like an oasis if you create a sense of privacy and enclosure.


Garden walls and fences ensure privacy for patios. However, if you are working with less space, you can also use lattice. Additionally, you can also use landscaping to define your outdoor space and create a sense of seclusion.


At Milestone, we’ve designed and created a wide range of outdoor areas for entertaining.


Our exterior spaces are perfect for creating memories with family and friends. What’s more, outdoor kitchens and dining areas to living areas and poolside seating, we’ve done it all.


Our design team will plan, design, and produce a landscape design to exceed all of your expectations.



Incorporate a Pergola or Gazebo

Adding a pergola or gazebo to your landscape design can work to create a central focal point to your backyard. Not to mention, they provide a separate backyard space.



A pergola differs from a gazebo by its roofing style.


A gazebo is like a hut, with a tapered roof and a pergola has a flat roof. They both provide shade and relief from the heat, and a stylish, functional space to entertain your family and friends for years to come.


You simply can’t go wrong with a pergola or gazebo covered with luxurious vines and a wealth of potted and planted plants.


This elegant addition will work to bring the surrounding garden landscape up onto the deck, blending your outdoor structure into the surrounding landscape design.



Don’t Forget to Add Décor

Fountains, water features, fireplaces, and outdoor décor enhance the beauty of your landscape design while helping to create distinct areas.


Fountains and water features add the soothing sound of trickling water to your landscape design. Furthermore, they also serve as a unique focal point for your space.



Fireplaces and firewalls produce a natural focal point. They define your space, and can provide privacy for an outdoor room. Not to mention, fireplaces are also a great starting point for an outdoor kitchen!


Finally, be sure to accessorize your landscape with garden statuary, weatherproof art, and pillows covered in vibrant weatherproof fabrics.


Together with other outside decor, these additional decorative touches are sure to enhance your landscape design.



Milestone Landscape Design

At Milestone, our landscape design team is prepared to handle all of the details of your landscape design project.


From concept consultation, planning and procuring all the necessary permits to contracting and construction, our team has you covered from start to finish.



Our skilled team members can enhance your existing landscape design or start from scratch to create exactly what you desire for your outdoor space.


Our skilled team members can enhance your existing landscape design or start from scratch to create exactly what you desire for your outdoor space.


Above all else, our team will work with you to fully understand what you wish to achieve and we’ll help you turn that dream into a reality.


Contact our team to schedule your free landscape design consultation. We look forward to working with you!






Regardless of the size of your backyard, with a complete landscape renovation you can transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat.


From dining al fresco in your outdoor kitchen and sipping a cold beverage at your outdoor bar to escaping the heat under the shade of your pergola, the experts at Milestone can enhance your backyard into the functional space you’ve been dreaming of.


Commercial and residential, we’re ready to help you with your complete landscape renovation project.


In the meantime, we’ve compiled a few tips that are sure to enhance your backyard.



Add an Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

What better way to enjoy the wonderful weather than preparing and enjoying a meal in the great outdoors!


When it comes time for your complete landscape renovation, don’t forget to add an outdoor kitchen and bar countertop.





An outdoor kitchen can be designed to include all of the amazing attributes you love about your indoor kitchen.


From amazing appliances and barbecues to cabinet storage and sinks, we’ll design your outdoor kitchen to serve as an extension of your internal living space.


Pizza oven, Barbeque grill ( Charcoal only or Charcoal and gas combined), single or double burners and Hibachi grills, we can give you them all.


For the doors, we can make them from wood, provide stainless steel doors, a garbage bin drawer, and more.





Of course you’ll want a place to enjoy your meal!


A pergola is the perfect addition to create a separate dining or seating area to relax and entertain friends.


By adding comfortable outdoor furniture and decor, you can really make this space an extension of your home.


A bar counter is also a great idea to add additional backyard seating.


Ideal for hosting dinner parties and large gatherings, your bar will look amazing with a granite countertop and stone cladding.


It allows the bartenders to serve easily with all conveniences of a sink, cocktail counter, fridge, wine cooler, power sockets and more.



Custom Water Features

Take the relaxing elements of nature to the next level by adding a custom water feature to your backyard.


As you consider your complete landscape renovation think about what water feature you’d like to incorporate.


Whether you want to mask the noise from a busy road or create a quiet, contemplative space, a water feature is sure to inject some tranquillity into your backyard.





Regardless of the size of your backyard, even a small water feature will add the soothing sounds and sight of water to your backyard retreat.


From small fountains to large water walls and koi ponds, a custom water feature is sure to please. We can get creative by adding plant life to enhance your feature. The possibilities are endless!





Remember the Lush Greenery

It wouldn’t be the great outdoors without plant life!


Even when we’re working with a small space, we can add some life. As you consider your complete landscape renovation, think about the types of plants that you want.





Do you want flowering plants or do you prefer to stick to greenery?


Does your preference include an elevated garden? Do you enjoy cooking? If so, you might want to consider adding an herb garden to your backyard.


From tall bamboo trees to smaller bushes and shrubs, the right plant life is sure to create an amazing backyard.





At Milestone, our design experts specialize in complete landscape renovation in Dubai.


Whether you want to enhance your villa garden or require a large scale community landscape design, we are up to the task.

Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!


recent projects

Client: Derek Evans


Location: Murjan Villa 1, Dubai Marina, Dubai


Project Type: Murjan Villa Landscape Design, Complete Garden Design, Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola, Dining Area, Outdoor Furniture, Dining Awning, Garden Features.


Duration: Villa 1 (Murjan Villas Landscape) took approximately 90 days to complete, including planning, design, approvals and construction.




Happiness’ and Derek’s Villa was built on a large corner plot of land.

Although they had a great deal of space to work with, their plot was full of many awkward slants. They knew their project required professional landscaping assistance to complete the intricacies of their complex design.



After conducting an extensive search online, and reading client testimonials from previous Milestone landscape design projects, Derek and Happiness contacted me for their Murjan Villas landscape project through the Milestone website.


We decided to meet in person at their villa to view the site, understand their requirements and learn their aspirations.



I invited them to our show villa in Jumeirah Park for an initial consultation.

During our meeting they were able to see firsthand many of our design elements, check our quality of execution as well as provide me with an overview of their backyard design needs.

The Project

Derek wanted to transform his backyard plot into a space he could enjoy with his wife and son, throw intimate dinner parties, and throw large parties to entertain family, friends, and colleagues.


He envisioned a dedicated play area for his children, as well as an outdoor kitchen and dining area.



As you enter the backyard from the main villa, you’re instantly greeted by a gorgeous arrangement of potted plants.


The inviting custom designed wooden swing features custom planters filled with lush potted plants perfect for reading with the children or relaxing on a warm afternoon.



As guests pass through the spacious outdoor kitchen, they instantly notice the outdoor barbecue grill, single burners, kitchen sink, storage cabinets, spacious granite countertops, and natural stone cladding.


It’s the perfect area to make the outdoor cooking experience convenient and fun!



In between the outdoor kitchen and the seating area, Derek can enjoy dining al fresco with his family and friends on his custom-built wooden table with granite top.


The custom built wood bench adds a pop of vibrant color to the dining area, while the gorgeous granite table top is durable and built to withstand the natural heat and sun.



As they dine, guests will enjoy the soothing sounds of the nearby relaxing water wall and stunning sight of their fire pit and custom built decorative wooden wall surrounded by lush greenery and LED candles.



Complete with a retractable awning, this entire outdoor kitchen and dining area create a very distinct space.



Once guests pass through the kitchen, they enter the warm and inviting outdoor living area.


We built the pergola as an extension of the main villa, with spacious ‘L’ shaped couch and chairs to provide ample of seating for family and friends. All outdoor furniture was customized and built in our joinery.



As guests relax under the shade of the pergola, they can watch their children play on the nearby swing set and rock climbing wall in the nearby play area. An additional seating area off to the side of the backyard with sunshade provides extra space for guests to relax and unwind.



The Result

Derek was very pleased with the final out come of his Murjan Villa landscape project. He found the Milestone team to be very accommodating and competent. We are very happy to have exceeded his design expectations.


Today, Derek is enjoying his newly renovated backyard with his family. We’ve created the perfect outdoor space to sit down and relax with family, to throw intimate dinner parties, or to host larger gatherings with family and friends.



I thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique Murjan Villa landscape renovation project. Contact my team today to learn how we can help you transform your outdoor space.



recent projects

Client: Kalpana Danthi and Deepak Danthi


Location: Villa in Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah


Project Type: Palm Jumeirah Landscape Design, Garden Landscaping, Pergola Upgrade





I had the pleasure of meeting Kalpana Danthi back in 2010, when she was referred to Milestone through a dear friend.


During that time we transformed their backyard landscape and it turned out to be a lovely garden space.


Kalpana’s garden villa in Palm Jumeirah contains a small outdoor landscape area.


She wanted to create a backyard retreat where she could entertain her family and friends with ease.





She desired a beautiful entrance with sounds of relaxing water and the sights of lush greenery.


To make the most of her space, she envisioned a covered pergola to create a comfortable outdoor living space where she could relax and entertain guests with easy access to a nearby outdoor bar.



The Project


A fashionista, socialite, and influencer, Kalpana Danthi had a distinct vision for her home. She actively participated throughout the entire design process, providing a complete design brief articulating all of her requirements.


Together we infused her personal tastes and passion for design into a detail oriented space that exceeded all of her expectations.  




Most recently in 2018 , Kalpana enlisted my Palm Jumeirah landscaping services to enhance her garden villa.


This pergola was built in 2011, and she was very eager to upgrade her pergola and seating and upgrade the outdoor bar area for entertaining.

this is the villas refurb we did many years ago, so it shows a before and after.






The pergola measures approximately 7 meters by 5 meters, and provides a spacious 35m2 area for seating and visiting with friends.


During this recent landscape project, we upgraded  her bar area just off of the pergola, so it would match with the new look of the pergola.


As her guests enter and walk down the pathway to the pergola, they are greeted by a relaxing water feature surrounded by lush green plants.

The design theme is quite modern and neutral, with soft hues coming out through the colors of the cushions.





We selected a wine color theme to pop against the greenery and outdoor landscape.


Additionally we upgraded all of the outdoor furniture, painted the pergola, added new cushions, and created a stunning backdrop wall to bring the space together.





The Result


To make the most of her space, we also added a bit of sitting and dining on the left side of her villa.





Between the spacious living area under the pergola, the convenient outdoor bar, and the additional seating to the side of the villa, Kaplana is able to easily entertain parties of 100 people in her backyard.





Best of all, the design layout of the backyard is ideal for both large parties and smaller, intimate gatherings.


Stunning and elegant by day, the entertaining can continue long after dusk. Custom lighting features create an elegant space to entertain long after the sun sets.





Kalpana is very pleased with her new backyard entertaining area and looks forward to hosting many event in the near future.


I thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique Palm Jumeirah landscaping renovation project. Contact my team today to learn how we can help you transform your outdoor space.


recent projects

Client: Naresh Mohnani


Location: Lantana Villas, Dubai


Project Type: Lantana Villas Landscape Design, Complete Garden paving, Outdoor Kitchen, Pergola, Water Feature, Seating, Lighting and Planting with Artificial Turf.


Duration: Landscape design took approximately 4 months to complete (including design, detailing, and gaining approvals from DCCA for a pergola, building and completion certificate)




I have had the pleasure of knowing Naresh Mohnani for many years. Both avid Table Tennis players, our paths would often cross at the India club. As we became more acquainted, he knew that I specialized in landscaping and interior design.


Over time, he was often referred to my work. You can imagine how thrilled I was when he purchased his villa and contacted me to work on his Lantana Villa’s landscape garden design.



I immediately invited Naresh to the Milestone show villa, which is in Jumeirah park, to have a look at all of the possibilities and options for his personal garden design.


The Project

Naresh was very open to suggestions and allowed me to lead the project. I took the time to speak with Naresh and his family, and together we began to formulate what they wanted from their backyard landscape design.


They wanted to create a functional space that would enhance their lifestyle while maximize every square foot of their backyard space.



They wanted to build a sitting area with shade structure, barbeque, and a bar to enjoy the seasonal weather with cooking and dining.


They also wanted to enhance the landscape design with herb garden, water feature, and decor feature walls to host parties and intimate gatherings for friends, family, and extended family.



The Milestone design team and I were tasked with creating a design to make their backyard look spacious, beautiful and inviting, while simultaneously incorporating all of their design elements.


I sketched out some design ideas on Naresh’s floor plans and they were all very impressed and excited to start! The garden had to be simple, low in maintenance and accommodate easy flow of people in parties.


The Result

The entrance is warm and inviting. As you walk through the pathway on the right side of the villa, you are greeted by an impressive combination of lush green and flowering plants. As you near the end of the entrance way, you’ll notice a decorative stone wall featuring an intriguing sculpture that adds to the ambiance of this stunning outdoor space.




The artificial turf area is enhanced with a relaxing water feature and a comfortable bench for additional seating. We designed and created a stunning covered pergola with  rich Miranti wood finish to serve as the ideal sitting for outdoor dining and a sitting lounge.



Adjacent to the pergola, we added a spacious bar counter for additional seating with a gorgeous granite countertop and stone facia cladding. The outdoor barbeque area is complete with storage cabinets and a functional sink.



We even encorporated a herb garden to spice up Naresh’s outdoor meals.



It was equally important for Naresh and his family to be able to entertain in their backyard during the day as it was to entertain in the evening.



Through the combination of concealed LED lights and other custom lighting fixtures, we were able to create an outdoor space to enjoy day in and day out.



The final touch? A custom sound system to take the fun to next level for special events!



Naresh’s new backyard landscape design makes it easy for him to host intimate dinners and to cater large parties and events.



It was a pleasure to work with Naresh and his family to build a landscape for their villa to make memories with family and friends for years to come.



I thoroughly enjoyed working on this unique Lantana Villas landscape renovation project. Contact my team today to learn how we can help you transform your outdoor space.




Creating a Japanese garden in your home gives you a space that is both serene and peaceful. They are world-renowned for their grace, beauty, and style. Many visitors to Japan bring home souvenirs – posters, paintings, artwork – depicting their exquisite settings.


The Japanese word for garden, “niwa”, has its origins as “ritual space”. They are created to be used as places of contemplation, meditation, and reflection, and as imitations of the natural world. This simplistic goal leads to gardens with a flair for style and distinction, but not a lot of flash.


They encourage one to relax, turn inward, forget the cares of the world, and settle into a more uncomplicated mood.While you may not hold to Zen Buddhist philosophies of enlightenment and introspection, their peaceful  recreation of the natural world is something you CAN create in your own backyard, bringing a bit of the Orient to the desert.




Japanese gardens have, at their heart, an air of simplicity and minimalism. From the rocks or sand of a Zen garden, to a rather monochromatic color palette, to the uncomplicated sound of a single water feature, Japanese gardens aren’t known for their flash and flair.


A Japanese garden, rather, finds its beauty in its careful, sophisticated design. Most only feature a few plants, carefully placed. Nearly all have only a single visual focal point – a tree, a statue, a pond. The colors are vibrant but few, splashes of blossoms against dark leaves, or white rock against green turf.


Negative space – the pebbles in a rock garden, or a lush ground cover – is as important as the features that draw the eye.This simplified, uncomplicated style makes recreating a Japanese garden easier than say, a lush French-inspired landscape. But it also means you must be very careful not to go too far and lose the “look”.




The best-known version of a Japanese garden is the rock garden. Traditionally, these are used for contemplative, meditative exercises like raking and rock stacking. The monk or gardener would find inner peace while raking designs in the sand or pebbles, or in stacking one rock upon another.


You don’t need a journey for inner enlightenment and a daily meditation practice to have a rock garden now. You can create one for the joy of its simple beauty. It’s also an excellent option for areas that may already have “hard to grow” sandy soil.


You can choose whether or not to have it as a feature in your Japanese garden, or as just a nice addition off in a corner. It can even become a real conversation piece, especially if you periodically DO rake a new design in it.




Another form of Japanese garden that is quite popular is the Strolling Garden. Here, a pathway winds through the garden, pausing at various focal points – statues, plantings, benches, a pond.


This is easily recreated with a pebble or “negative space” walkway and carefully placed accessories and plants. You can even screen parts of the garden from others with pots of bamboo (yes, some WILL flourish here) or wooden wall portions.




Most traditional Japanese plants, sadly, don’t do well in the dry, hot climate of Dubai. However, there are a few that can successfully be grown here. Golden Goddess bamboo ( Bambusa Vulgaris) will add just the right Asian touch to your pond or pathway. Buddha Belly Bamboo (Bambusa Ventricosa) is a dwarf bamboo that grows beautifully in this climate.


Japanese maples will also do well, if you keep them out of the wind and water them properly.  Many “bonsai” tree varieties, such as Ficus, Desert Rose, Juniper and Cedar, can also be grown in their miniature containers, adding a truly authentic Oriental feature to your Japanese garden.


Some desert climate plants, like those in the ajuga family, have the right style and visual appeal for a Japanese inspired garden. Our landscape experts here at Milestone can assist you in choosing just the right plants and trees for yours.


Don’t forget that Japanese gardens are also to be used and enjoyed. That includes accessories such as simple wooden or stone benches and tables, lanterns and fire pits, and statuary.  Your strolling garden, after all, has to have focal points to encourage you to stop strolling, relax, and enjoy those features along its path.



If you have a yen for a Japanese garden in your life, as we’ve seen, it’s not an impossibility here in the UAE. And it will certainly set your garden apart, as few would think to find such a hallmark of Asia here in the Middle East.


However, there is a lot to consider, from garden style to layout to accessories and features, and a lot of work to transform the typical Dubai garden into an Asian paradise. That’s where Milestone can help. Contact us today and we can begin the planning creating a Japanese garden of your own. Bring home more than souvenirs!





Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard for Entertaining


Are you ready to make backyard entertaining something to remember in 2018? Backyards aren’t just for gardens and greenery.


In fact, more people are transforming their backyards into an extension of their home’s interior. A well-planned design creates the ultimate backyard for entertaining family and friends.



An outdoor living space provides the ideal sanctuary to unwind and relax after a hectic week. The expert landscape designers of Dubai have created a list of the top innovative landscape design trends for creating the ultimate backyard for entertaining.


Charming Structures Create Stunning Landscape Features


When it comes to outdoor entertaining, it’s all about creating a sense of space. Adding a custom built pergola or gazebo to your backyard is a fun and functional way to spice up your backyard for entertaining.




A vine covered pergola provides relief from sun and heat, while creating a seperate space within your backyard. Pergolas and gazebos also create the feeling of cosy tranquility while adding a decorative accent to your outdoor space.


Spruce Up the Hardscapes


The comforts of your home should not disappear when you step into your backyard. Get creative! Rather than a simple slab of concrete or patch of grass, why not think aesthetically outside of the box?



Consider adding a natural stone floor or colourful cobblestone pathway throughout your backyard? If you prefer concrete, consider adding a textured or colourful variety to boost visual appeal.


Regardless of what materials you use for your hardscapes, remember to incorporate your style to create a personalised backyard retreat. After all, when you feel comfortable your guests will too!



Elevate Hardscapes with Interesting Plant Life


Elevate your hardscapes with beautiful landscape details, such as gardens, flower beds, and living walls. When it comes time to select your plant life, don’t be afraid to choose interesting varieties.


Add colour and textures, and consider all the different height levels in your outdoor space. You can plant directly at ground level, use potted plants for mid level, and add height with climbing vines and hanging plants.


Depending on your prefered style, you can include anything from Japanese garden plants to tropical-style gardens.



Colourful flowers and lush greenery add the culminating touches to your outdoor entertaining area. A living wall adds a stunning visual accent to your backyard retreat which also serves as a great conversation piece when entertaining outdoors.


Add An Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen is where design mingles with the’ foodie’ in us all to create ultimate functional landscape accent for backyard entertaining.


An outdoor kitchen is particularly important if you want to take full advantage of the good weather to create the ultimate backyard dining experience.



When it comes time to design your outdoor kitchen you can keep it simple with a built-in grill or take it to the next level with a full kitchen.


From stylish countertops and top-of-the-line sinks to beautiful cabinets, outdoor refrigerators, and full outdoor bars – the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.



Create a Separate Outdoor Dining Area


Not that you’ve envisioned your outdoor kitchen – where will you enjoy your wonderful meal? A dedicated backyard dining area is sure to complete your culinary nirvana. There’s nothing quite like outdoor dining.


To enjoy pleasant conversation and enjoy mouthwatering dishes underneath the sun and the stars is to experience a little slice of bliss.  



Even if you dedicate only a small section of your backyard – it will be worth the effort. You can use garden walls, lattices, or even pergolas and gazebos to separate your dining area from the rest of the yard.


This dedicated space will create a cosy sense of privacy to enjoy your outdoor meals day and night.


Fire and Water


The elements of water and fire instantly create a soothing and relaxing environment. Whether you decide to add a pool to your backyard or opt for stand-alone water features (such as waterfalls and water walls), these landscape features inject tranquillity and relaxation into your outdoor space.



Ponds, fountains, and other types of custom water features are easy to maintain and provide a boost to your landscape design. You can even get creative by adding stones and rocks to create contrast and texture.


Whether you have a specific backyard design in mind or you need a little inspiration, we can help! When it comes time to create the ultimate backyard for entertaining, the design experts at Milestone have the creative vision and skills necessary to turn your dream into a reality.


We look forward to hearing from you.